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A Gentleman's Position: A Society of Gentlemen Novel (Society of Gentlemen Series Book 3) (English Edition) Power, Privilege, And The Rigid Rules Of Class Leave Two Hearts Yearning For Connection In The Sizzling New Society Of Gentlemen Novel From K J Charles Among His Eccentric Though Strictly Principled Group Of Friends, Lord Richard Vane Is The Confidant On Whom Everyone Depends For Advice, Moral Rectitude, And Discreet Assistance Yet When Richard Has A Problem, He Turns To His Valet, A Fixer Of Unparalleled Geniusand The Object Of Richards Deepest Desires If There Is One Rule A Gentleman Must Follow, It Is Never To Dally With Servants But When David Is Close Enough To Touch, The Rules Of Class Collide With The Basest Sort Of Animal Instinct Overpowering Lust For David Cyprian, Burglary And Blackmail Are As Much In A Days Work As Bootblackinganything For The Man Hes Devoted To But The One Thing He Wants For Himself Is The One Thing Richard Refuses To Give His Heart With The Tension Between Them Growing To Be Unbearable, Davids Seemingly Incorruptible Master Has Left Him No Choice Putting His Finely Honed Skills Of Seduction And Manipulation To Good Use, He Will Convince Richard To Forget All About His Well Meaning Objections And Give In To Sweet, Sinful TemptationAnd Look For The Enticing Society Of Gentlemen Series By KJ Charles THE RUIN OF GABRIEL ASHLEIGH A FASHIONABLE INDULGENCE A SEDITIOUS AFFAIR A GENTLEMANS POSITIONDont Miss Any Of The Captivating Sins Of The Cities Novels AN UNSEEN ATTRACTION AN UNNATURAL VICE AN UNSUITABLE HEIRPraise For A Gentlemans Position Highly Recommend This Onea Great, Angst Filled Romance Smexy Books I Cant Recommend A Gentlemans Positionand The Rest Of TheSocietybooks Enough Just Love I Have Absolutely Loved This Series And I Found This To Be A Very Satisfying Conclusion I Love The Way Things Ended Up For Richard And Cyprian And I Was Thrilled To Get Their StoryJoyfully Jay Brilliant Writing And Storytelling Highly Recommend Gay Book Reviews This Book Is Swoon Materialgrab It Red Adept Reviews What I Enjoyed Most About This Book Was The Authors Slow And Deliberate Reveal Of The Story From Both Parties PerspectivesThe Oddness Of Moving Things Includes A Special Message From The Editor, As Well As An Excerpt From Another Loveswept Title

About the Author: KJ Charles

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre A Gentleman's Position: A Society of Gentlemen Novel (Society of Gentlemen Series Book 3) (English Edition) , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés KJ Charles auteurs dans le monde.

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