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Little Book of Big Ideas: Philosophy (Little Book of Big Ideas series) EPUB Little Book Of Big Ideas Philosophy Little Book Of Big Ideas Series By Jeremy Stangroom Ls17.eu This Smart Handbook Gathers A Wealth Of Insight And Information On 50 Of The Greatest Philosophical Thinkers And 10 Of The Greatest Theories Ever Conceived In A Concise And Accessible Format Readers Will Come To Grips With The Key Concepts That Are The Backbone Of Philosophical Thought, Including Metaphysics, Psychoanalysis, Libertarianism, And Feminism The Most Influential Figures Are Presented, From The Classical Voices Of Socrates, Aristotle, And Plato To The Revolutionary Polemics Of Marx And The Educational Lessons Of Piaget And Chomsky This Book Is For An Aspiring Intellectual, A Deep Thinker, Or Anyone Who Wants To Brush Up On What They Forgot From College Everything One Needs To Know About The Groundbreaking, Complex World Of Philosophy Is Expertly Packed Into This Pocketful Of Knowledge.

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    I m technically currently reading this but since I took Philosophy and have read books on the subject, it s pretty much a refresher book That s why it s so good It s condensed material that explains and simplifies subjects authors of philosophy I would definitely make this an essential read even i...

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    I really enjoyed the progression of ideas throughout the book It captured some of the most important concepts in human history, and went from problem to problem in a smooth manner It was interesting as a history book, not just as a philosophy book, as it showed how different problems in our society arose, and gave due credit to the schools of thought associated with fixing thes

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    A very handy overview of a whole range of philosophical viewpoints and schools of thought I now have a much better understanding of Monty Python s Philosophers Song Each Philosopher only gets a double page ...

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    It is truly a little book of big ideas amazing, though not enough.

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    Beknopte inleiding tot verschillende filosofische stromingen en het werk van de grote denkers die aan deze stromingen hebben bijgedragen Zeer bruikbaar overzicht om te ontdekken welke stromingen je aanspreken en welke werken je...

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    Um livro que mais um guia, do que um livro , extremamente interessante e fac limo de ler, uma boa proposta para quem quer ter um conhecimento muito b sico sobre as v rias correntes filos ficas e sobre alguns dos maiores fil sofos e pensadores.

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    Short and sweet An incredibly swift and brief flick through 50 philosophers some extending to other fields such as sociology and psychology and their main impact on the development of philosophy I needed something just like this to jot some names down and summarise ideas and theories in my head before delving deeply into their individual work It was also helpful the way they were s

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    Little Book of Big Ideas Philosophy by Dr Jeremy Strangroom begins with two disclaimers First, the author admits that choosing only fifty philosopher and ten isms is rather limiting and that he understands other people may have made other choices He does aver that even if one doesn t agree with the final list, everyone must admit that the choices he has made are among the finest the

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    This was a pretty decent book I have no major complaints and it was exceptionally helpful for someone with limited knowledge in philosophy, but there were a few minor elements that could have been fixed My main concern is why Freud and behaviorism were included before the Age of Enlightenment it just ruined the flow for me A few sentences were a ta...

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    The book set out to be a simple showcase 4 pages per philosopher, covering a list of 50 names as well as the main theories and ideas developed by them Although it is a very short description per personality, the author does make it clear how the format of the book has been laid out Only because of...

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