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The Marching Season Rereading Daniel Silva s early work has been doubly enjoyable First, the stories were well written, but importantly to me was to see how Silva drew from the antagonist, Delaroche, from The Mark of The Assassin and The Marching Season, and parlayed him into Gabriel Allon in the future works While Delaroche admits to being an assassin, I DON T HIDE MY REVIEWS, BUT THEY DO CONTAIN SPOILERS.This is in Silva s line of Michael Osbourne books Osbourne is a former CIA agent who has rejoined the service He s done so because his father in law, a retired U.S senator, has been named to an ambassador post to Ireland, and Osbourne senses danger.Osbourne never crosses paths with Silva s main protagonist on again, off again Israeli agent assassin Gabriel Allon, who stars in most Silva novels.But the two men do have in common their encounters with commercial assassin, Jean Paul Delaroche, who was trained behind the Iron Curtain, and is literally a bastard Initially Delaroche was sent to the West as a sleeper still in his teens for political missions, but now he s a free market hired gun.Delaroche who seemed pathologically dispassionate when executing people or dealing with his handlers is, sadly, not the worst bad guy in this book As an aside, Delaroche likes to paint, just like Allon does did These days Allon does art restoration, but little original work Osbourne and Delaroche form an impromptu alliance toward the book s end, as both struggle to be free of the cabal that is trying to rile up Irishmen again to violence Prods vs the papists, as usual.The cabal, it turns out, is a shadowy working group of national intelligence services and major SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS I am afraid I found The Marching Season rather sloppy,meaning that the scenario was not always convincingand in some aspects it contradicted the previous book The Mark of the Assassin , for a number of reasons in no particular order 1 Obsourne appears to have forgotten that it knows theidentity of the killer, referring to him only as October, andnot mentioning his real name at all, even though he hasread his file and knows who he is in fact, he expoilted thisknowledge at the end of the previous book to unerve theassasin.2 In the previous book, the Director orders the eliminationof October, to cover up all tracks to his organization Octobermanages to escape, pressumably eliminating in the processhis would be killers However, in The Marching Season thereis no information on how October managed to escape Even strange, there is no explanation as to why Octoberchooses to work again for the guy who set him up In fact,the Director is having face to face meetings with October,without being afraid that the latter will kill him, even thoughOctober has killed for less.3 In The Mark of the Assassin , October is about to quit,having enough money Even though the loss of his girlfriendmay have made him having second thoughts, it does notappear that he was so desperate to get back to business,being forced also to ruin a handsome face Further,he goes and kills the plastic surgeant without even tryingto make it look like an accident the guy was drank and aloneso Very entertaining with plenty of suspense and deception that keeps the reader intrigued. There is still today a very weird and racist thought among many people that terrorists are only brown skinned Arabic or Middle Eastern Muslims, and that white Christians are solely victimized horribly throughout the world and in the United States especially and never the victimizers This, of course, goes against the facts and also It s a narrative uncomfortable to a lot of people, but it s the truth white non Muslim men commit most of the world s terrorist acts White men have been doing it far longer and effectively Anyone who studies European history knows this.Daniel Silva s 1999 novel The Marching Season a direct sequel to his novel The Mark of the Assassin , focuses on the long and fruitful white terrorist tradition of the United Kingdom involving the age old hatred and violence between the Protestants and the Catholics In case you don t know, those are not Muslim sects They are Christian sects For centuries, the Republicans Catholics who want nothing to do with England and the Loyalists Protestants who want Ireland to unite with England have been battling it out in Parliament as well as in the streets, oftentimes with bloody consequences Tens of thousands have died since the 17th century the century many scholars argue is the official start of what is called The Troubles.Perhaps the most familiar terrorist organization after the PLO and Al Qaeda, the IRA Irish Republican I am sometimes a voracious reader Vacillate between Ta Neishi Coates, Allende, Clinton, Comey and Orwell The writers I cited are interesting and important but not always fun Silva knows how to do espionage, thrillers, love interest and boy it Overall the writing is good and interesting, but unfortunately the story is flawed A few times characters did things they shouldn t have been able to do, just to move the story along One character in particular changed his behavior to conve After languishing on my shelf for years because this book didn t feature Gabriel Allon , I finally pulled the plug and jumped right into a great thriller This series features Michal Osbourne, American CIA agent who s back in the action after leaving the agency the year prior Michael is assign BOOKS The Marching Season Daniel Silva Thomashillier.co.uk When The Good Friday Peace Accords Are Shattered By Three Savage Acts Of Terrorism, Northern Ireland Is Blown Back Into The Depths Of Conflict And After His Father In Law Is Nominated To Become The New American Ambassador To London, Retired CIA Agent Michael Osbourne Is Drawn Back Into The Game He Soon Discovers That His Father In Law Is Marked For Execution And That He Himself Is Once Again In The Crosshairs Of A Killer Known As October, One Of The Most Merciless Assassins The World Has Ever Known Found this one a little predictableMaybe too soon after finishing the first Michael Osborn book It felt like just of the samesame antagonists, just of the same I do enjoy Mr Silva s writing, and he certainly pulls out all the be

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