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The Broken Eye 5 The BBB BR with Eon Sarah is still going strong When I love a book or series this much, I tend to suck at reviewing it After all, what can I start talking about first And how can I say anything without giving it away And how can I do it any justice As You see, this will be another one of those where I have lost all sense of objectivity and have become all emotion and fangirling Maybe it is a good way to tell you i love this book and series, and the only way I know how to express my feelings is by encouraging one and all to go, get it, and read it The world is complex, the magic system innovative, the mythology layered and deep, the characters fan freaking tastic The whole package is a work of art and adventure, wrapped up in chocolate and ice cream, and served with a fine wine Need I say Go get itTo hold fealty to your own and to call it a high virtue is ludicrous Even animals protect their own It is a good, but it is a common good, an easy one It s a miser who says he grows rich not for himself, but for his children His vice is not thus magically made virtueThe Clan of Guile is getting and interesting, lead by the most devious megalomaniac Andross Guile, who is about to start pulling the strings of the new generation of Guiles, but maybe this time he has bitten than he can chew Karris is as wonderful as she is complex, full of warring feelings of guilt, shame, love and faith in the better good Gavin is broken Broken, and although he keeps on fighting, is there going to be a point when he will give all up and wallow in defeat Teia is amazing The ex slave is learning and fighting to find her place as a free person, and she has become one of my favorite characters Kip is Kip he really goes through a growth spurt in this book not only physically, but emotionally as well, and hopefully starts showing the promise of a great man to come The White is AMAZING, as always The Black Guard Captain Ironfist is well, I would have said the most dependable and loyal friend you could have, but Ooohhhhhhh, my heart hurts Tisis is showing an unexpected vulnerable and real side of her character, which made her grow in my esteem And I don t even want to mention Viviana she is lost to sense and logic at this point I am not sure if i want her to find her way back any either She has disappointed me for the last timeDon t judge a man by what he says his ideals are, judge him by what he does Look at what the Color Prince has done They re wrong, Teia They re liars and murderers It doesn t mean everything we do is right It doesn t mean our house doesn t need a thorough cleaning I just don t think we need to burn it to the ground to do itSo, this was a book full of emotional and plot roller coasters and I am soooooooooo ready to get to the next one Once again folks, why have you not read this series yet It is very, very entertainingI die and go to a library Sure, it could be worse, but I ve spent a lot of time in libraries this year Quite enough time, really Do I have to stay forever Where do I go peeI wish you all Happy Reading and wondrous Fantastical journeys Yep I might have to re read the previous two books to try to remember what happened on them I should have waited for the series to finish first but Nooooo I could not help reading of Brent Weeks books after the Night Angel series As The Old Gods Awaken, The Chromeria Is In A Race To Find Its Lost Prism, The Only Man Who May Be Able To Stop Catastrophe, Gavin Guile But Gavin S Enslaved On A Galley, And When He Finally Escapes, He Finds Himself In Less Than Friendly Hands Without The Ability To Draft Which Has Defined HimMeanwhile, The Color Prince S Army Continues Its Inexorable Advance, Having Swallowed Two Of The Seven Satrapies, They Now Invade The Blood Forest Andross Guile, Thinking His Son Gavin Lost, Tasks His Two Grandsons With Stopping The Advance Kip And His Psychopathic Half Brother Zymun Will Compete For The Ultimate Prize Who Will Become The Next Prism Honestly how am I supposed to wait a whole year for this book to come out I just spent all of this past year waiting for Blinding Knife to come out You know Brent weeks has to be a great author for everyone to be desperate to get his books.AFTER TWO YEARS OF WAITING I HAVE FINALLY READ IT It did take awhile for me to really get into this book but I did around page 200 However that may be because it has been a really long time since I have read the last book and may have forgotten some of the minor plot details.All in all I loved this book and think it is probably the best Lightbringer book yet My only disappointment is that Gavin wasn t in it as much as I wanted Kip on the other hand was awesome throughout the whole book I even liked Andross better If you Like Brent Weeks you do not want to miss his latest and possibly best book. In this life, we are not garments which may be washed and worn again, Karris We are candles, giving light and heat until we are consumedI can t believe this, after all my fears this is my favourite in the series Somehow the author made my worst plot twist my favourite in the series I barely even notice that Gavin is in captivity The book changed course, now Kip is the main character, he has POV than even Gavin Karris, Teia, Zymum, Liv and Ironfist still has POV though But the last three POV was just a few chapterFreedom doesn t mean a lack of responsibilities It means a choice between themThere is still a great plot, religion, feminist, cool fight scenes that I so want to learn and a magic system that I envy.CharactersKip is amazing, Kip is now turning into a great young man Even though he is surrounded by haters, like literally He is still a good peeson His friends are also the best I want them for myself They are willing to die and do anything for him That should make him arrogant but it doesn t, he won t let them do that for him, how sweet is that He has even lost weight, he is turning all the fat into muscle, workout, sparring and fighting for one s life can do that.Karris has changed, she is still badass but better She is political, she is now scheming amongst Chromeria s elite Her relationship with Kip and the White is one of my favourite things in this book view spoiler The White is dead and Karris is the new White hide spoiler Well at this point I must admit that I think Brent Weeks should have stuck to making this a trilogy I loved the first book and enjoyed the second even but this one was only average There was far too much padding and even the action scenes went on and on until they became tedious.Just a few moments ago I looked at the blurb for book 4 and discover that Gavin spends most or even all of the next book in yet another prison situation Come on Mr Weeks here you have one of the best book heroes ever invented and you are wasting him I think I am the lone voice in the wilderness here though Everyone else seems to love the book so if you are thinking of reading it please take no notice of me I now have to decide whether I can stomach reading about Gavin in prison Another fun read with likeable characters, interesting plot and a really unique and well developed world This one wasn t quite as good as the last one mostly due to the fact that the plot meandered a bit in comparison but it was still really enjoyable and I m really excited for the final installment Gavin s sections in this one were probably the weak link The hero suffering in captivity plot line is one that I often find to be pretty dull and it took up pretty much all of Gavin s arc in this one The upsides were some cool backstory in his flashbacks, his dealings with Eiren Malargos which were incidentally some of the best written scenes in the entire book Eirene was a great secondary character who was convincingly written as a good woman who was pushed to some extreme and immoral actions by circumstance and Gavin s quick witted plotting was a really cool way to show that he could still be formidable even stripped of his magic and a dramatic fall from grace arc after Gavin seemed like such a Gary Stu back in book 1.Kip continued his character development and his was probably my favourite arc in this book Kip found himself in the middle of dramatic schemes and plots while trying to uncover some intriguing mysteries and still continuing his character development and trying to reconcile his various duties into a place for himself in the world As Kip has become less of a pussy throughout the series he s become and likeable and I m really interested to see how he ends the series Karris also had a really strong arc After disliking her in the first book because she seemed to be a pretty lazy example of the action girl trope and being largely indifferent to her in the second she underwent some really well done character development in this one Her struggles to control her emotions were nicely done and I was a huge fan of her scenes with Kip and the White who incidentally joined Andross as being an absolutely incredible secondary character in this one and who in hindsight I realize had been pretty swag every time she appeared previously as well I wasn t a big fan of Teia in this one as she became something of a Mary Stu In addition to being a girl who is able to compete with highly trained, grown ass men in unarmed combat she also apparently has super speshul magical powers that virtually no one else has and that allow her to kill pretty much anyone without leaving any trace incidentally while I really liked him in his previous appearance I quickly started to dislike Murder Sharpe in this one for much the same reason I dislike Teia Of course I m not a fan of the secret society trope in general except for the Stonecutters episode of the Simpsons, which was awesome Oh shit double brackets, it s happening I did however enjoy some of the backstory and lore that came up in Teia s sections as well as the mystery and cloak and dagger intrigue.I also think this book suffered a bit from the lack of screen time of the Colored Prince In the last book his constant presence albeit through the POV of annoying Liv, who fortunately had her screen time slashed and was far less annoying when she did appear provided a really cool sense of danger as it built him up to be a worthy antagonist to the good guys and hyping up their inevitable collision This one in comparison seemed to lose some of that focus and intensity I really appreciated in the last book how Weeks went out of his way to show the struggles the Color Prince encountered and the qualities intelligence, charisma, ability to make persuasive arguments, strong grasp of diplomacy and military strategy he showed to overcome them as it did a really cool job of building him up as a dangerous and worthy adversary Too many books just hand wave the bad guys into lucky positions while the heroes toil away this also appeared in this book to some extent with the annoying Zymun.Overall this was a really enjoyable read with a strong cast of likeable characters, a cool magic system an intriguing plot and a unique world and I m really psyched for the finale. second time around just confirms the stellar review of the first time around I am amazed at how good this series really is There is so much content, the world building builds upon itself every time in an incredibly powerful and convincing way each book the characters are just well defined and developed the women in this story are authentic to me, they are genuinely powerful women the White, Karris, Teia with their weaknesses and they know what to do with strenghts and weaknesses I cannot wait to dive into the next book and then, finally, book 5 I want to make some sense of this book yet, I just finished it so it is going to be an emotional review First and foremost, I am so glad this book focused view spoiler on the Chromaria primarily It was time to know about it, to get a better understanding of the political and otherwise powers at stake hide spoiler The Broken Eye is an excellent continuation of a wonderful series, fully worthing your attentionDon t judge a man by what he says his ideals are, judge him by what he does Look at what the Color Prince has done They re wrong, Teia They re liars and murderers It doesn t mean everything we do is right It doesn t mean our house doesn t need a thorough cleaning I just don t think we need to burn it to the ground to do it The characters are better developed than in the previous installment, and importantly, the secondary POVs are interesting again Gavin Kip had the best chapters, but I was also looking forward to Teia s Karris chapters as well I won t deluge in the magic character world building since I have done so in the reviews of the previous 2 installments and nothing changed, but I will mention that the tension was keep building, and unexpected circumstances kept occurring all the time Also, in the final chapter of the book, you will encounter one of the greatest plot twists in the history of fantasy If you were surprised when you found out Gavin s real identity in the first book, your brain will just melt after reading this one Ps What s with the Greek words Promachos Demiourgos was one thing But Diakoptes Aka a f cking light switch XDYou can find of my reviews over at The meticulously crafted world of Weeks is expanding, opening up and it feels like it s been energized in The Broken Eye The solid and original but sometimes obvious magic system shows no limit It s now simply in the details, in the doctrine of the Chromaturgy and the way it s been twisted that the magic of the author s intricate creation really shine.

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In a small town Montana school at age 12, Brent Weeks met the two great loves of his life Edgar Allan Poe introduced him to the power of literature to transcend time and death and loneliness Fate introduced him to The Girl, Kristi Barnes He began his pursuit of each immediately.The novel was a failure The Girl shot him down.Since thenskipping the boring partsBrent has written eight

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