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The Modern Girl's Guide to Life A Stylishly Smart Collection Of Practical Advice For The Busy Modern WomanWith Information On Entertaining, Etiquette, Housekeeping, Basic Home Repair, Decorating, Sex, And Beauty, This Indispensable Book Has Everything Today S Young Woman Should Know But May Not The Modern Girl S Guide To Life Is A Collection Of All The Helpful Tips And Secrets That Get Passed On From Generation To Generation, But Many Of Us Have Somehow Missed It S Full Of Practical, Definitive Advice On The Basics The Day To Day Necessities Like Finding A Bra That Fits, Balancing A Checkbook, Making A Decent Cup Of Coffee, And Hemming A Pair Of Pants Modern Girl Guru Jane Buckingham Includes Loads Of Savvy Counsel To Help Us Feel Refined, In Charge, And Together As We Navigate The Rocky Terrain That Is Twenty First Century Womanhood

About the Author: Jane Buckingham

Jane Buckingham is an American author and marketing expert She is the founder and President of Trendera, a boutique marketing firm specializing in trend forecasting, brand strategy and generational research.

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    The Modern Girl s Guide to Life tackles many of the real world problems facing young women Jane has set out to share her authentic experience as an MG and to share it with future generations of MG s What is a 401k How do you get a red wine stain out the carpet What utensils do I actually NEED in my kitchen As well as things you might not think of How to order and drink a Scotch start with a blen

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    Do you know what wine goes with Steak Or how to get a stain out of a carpet Do you know how to host a dinner party or what cleaning supplies to use on different areas of your apartment This book has ALL the answers It is like the Bible of How to s for the modern girl just out of college As a recent graduate of college and a amateur member of the real world, this book has saved me many times and I love to

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    I find myself buying this book often for high school and college graduates It tackles so many real life problems, gives easy recipes for party planning and just, generally, has great tips for how to navigate the real world as a woman I find it incredibly fascinating that so many women don t know how to do simple things such as their laundry but this book helps to navigate those waters If you know a young girl who

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    There was a lot of information in this book that I didn t find helpful and or I just didn t care about I couldn t care less about learning the basics of baseball, golf, and other sports Anything having to do with alcohol what do I care about scotch I don t was also useless to me The seeming assumption that as women we gravitate towards low cal items and want to appear thin in pictures and whatnot was eye roll worthy.I did

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    This book was very informative It put my mind at ease and it felt like someone was literally walking with me and helping me out I gave it a four because very few things were inaccurate I would still recommend this book to girls out there.

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    a wonderful gift to any girl about to start on her own excellent little guide for the freshman we all were once.

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    Every woman should own this book.

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    I picked this book up on a lark, thinking it would be a lighthearted read that might teach me how to do random thingsefficiently, or fill in some knowledge gaps eh not so much I m writing this review as I m reading it which is why it s long AF Oh boy, does my review get even snarkier as I get deeper into the book and learn who the author is LOL Chapter 1 Kitchen Pantry Laundry Organizing Bedrooms Pest Control DEAR LORD WTF IS THIS CHAPTER SO LONG AND DISCON

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    You have a great section on apps on how to protect yourself from strangers, but sadly strangers aren t the ones most likely to hurt women relationship headlines feeling sexier, buying lingerie, looking better naked, give Your Man a massage, being horny, what Men love most in bed, be the best He s ever had, being kinkyWhat about is he selfish in bed does he refuse to meet your parents does he drink or do drugs what if you catch him cheating I know the point of this b

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    Another one of those books that have been sitting on my shelf for ages I think I may have read it many years ago but I figured it would be a good refresher There is a lot of good advice in here It could come in handy again in the future, but there is a lot that is pretty outdated Well, at least the technology aspects It s amazing how much things change in 13 years Still, there are a lot of subjects covered in here from being a good hostess to sports to life saving info Ms Bu

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