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The Prince Of Plungers PDF Epub The Prince Of Plungers Author Bauvard Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us A Middle Class Comedy Of Manners That Lives Up To Working Class Standards A Witty Farce In The Tradition Of Wilde And Moliere, Full Of Highly Stylized Dialogue Mixed With The Most Implausible Plot And Characterization Imaginable For Once, An American Play That Is Not Dull Or Depressing And Is Completely Lacking In Any Social Agenda Those With A Preference For Realism Should Stay Away The Author Finds The Prospect Of Such A Readership Insufferably Boring.

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A work of art should stand on its own, divorced from the personality of the creator That is the only way the creator can be a work of art in himself Bauvard fears for the moral fiber of the rare soul who does peruse him Having a great deal to say about nothing often turns readers into reactionary optimists and it is bad business to create supply amidst surplus His only hope is that the p

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