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ZARIA WebComic ZARIA A Collection Of Two Bondage Themed One Shots By ZariaGenre S Hard Yaoi , Adult , Smut, Non Con, Bdsm ZARIA オムニバス -緊縛-

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    A beautiful SM story with plenty of delicious sex scenes. What I wanted Porn with BDSM elements.What I got Graphic rape pictures Rape culture shit FUCK It s not that I m asking for a censorship, just proper labelling and warning will do Really angry right now.

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    Read this on line, highly kinky yaoi, wish they wouldn t pixelate the best bits

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    The cover did it for me, that s the truth I could not help thinking the guy looked just like Riki from Ai No Kusabi, and any hardcore yaoi fan knows what s that all about The work was short, though, which was a shame, because no matter how great a little porny thing can be, it is the story and the characters that make me come undone Would have loved to know about the couple Still, a satisfying

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    A quick manga of bondage and anal plundering The drawings are well done The story is straightforward and a teaser Not much sadism here despite what the characters state I think the version I read blurred out the sexual organs This version was a bit censored yet did not take away from the tasty sex.

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    Absolutely adored the art, the story and the sex was hawt Read it many times over and would never ever get bored with it.

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    OMG this book was leaking with smut, the front cover says it all

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    No one does the hardcore stuff like Zaria This one contains bondage and BDSM.

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    I really hate one shots.

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    Amazing art hence 1 extra star , terrible plot First story is awful, 2nd story is incredible icky Yuck.

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