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Womb of the New World PDF Epub Womb Of The New World Author Mira Noire Bandcamptomp3.co.uk In A Post Nuclear Future, The Lush Pleasure Cyborgs Of Earth Have Become Powerful, Fearsome Mutants Known As Wroks Who Rule The Wild, Desolate Fallout Landscape The Wroks And Their Leader, Yoevin, Desperately Hunt For A Female Capable Of Mothering A Cyborg S Child As The Years Pass, They Struggle While Fighting To Hold On To The Intelligence And Humanity Granted By Their Makers Centuries Ago.Hidden Deep In Caverns Below, Imogenne And Her People Survive By Cultivating The Earth, Making Rare Forays Above Ground For Supplies And Fresh Resources But Imogenne Is Not Like The Rest Of Her People She Is Wild, Sensual, And Strangely Independent Like Her Mother, Who Disappeared Years Ago In A Wrok Attack On The Verge Of Being Betrothed To A Man She Does Not Love And Facing The Rest Of Her Life Underground Without Adventure Or Freedom, She Is Haunted By Darkly Erotic Visions That Promise Something Beyond The World And Biology She Knows When She Is Captured In A Night Wrok Raid, Imogenne Hopes To Escape Her New Masters And Survive By Her Wits But She Then Discovers A Horrifying Truth Her Body Has A Will Of Its Own, One That May Very Well Leave Her No Choice But To Become A Mother Of The New World.___________Words 19,000 This Title Contains Graphic Sexual Scenes M F, Captive Sexual Submission, Voyeurism, Mutant Cyborg And Human Intercourse Do Not Read This Work If You Find Such Themes Offensive.

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    Genres This book is a mix of genres including science fiction, dark fantasy, dystopian post apocalyptic, horror erotica.The story The story was very, very strange I really liked it There are things that will probably disgust the average reader, butOkay I m not really that strange, but sometimes my book taste is The characters The cover is pretty close to the

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    4.5 Book source A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.It s been centuries since the war between cyborgs and humans, a war that forced humans underground Imogenne and her people survive fairly well, coming out for occasional night raids looking for supplemental food and avoiding the Wroks On the verge of being married off to a man she doesn t

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    What if man created cybernetic beings What if these beings became sentient, self determining, and decided to take over the world What if years and years pass and the cybernetic beings begin to decay and die What if the only answer to their dilemma of livelihood is to capture and breed with the humans, who are now in hiding Imogenne has spent her life underground to av

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    I enjoyed this futuristic story It features Imogenne, a woman who has spent her life underground to avoid capture by the Wroks Wroks are cyborgs who are desperately searching for human women to breed with to produce the future race of cyborg human Imogenne is a very strong and determined woman who has had erotic dreams of that leav...

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    I m sorry, I just could not bring myself to finish this book Initially, I was really curious about it, so I had asked my friend to kindly kindle loan it to me.Butthe whole time, I kept thinking to myself I just didn t know what to make of it really

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    Review forthcoming on received a copy of Womb of the New World in exchange for my review.Yoevin is a cyborg, one of the beings that changed because of the radiation left in the world after the war between humans The cyborg kind are dying and so Yoevin is constantly on the hunt for a human woman that is able to produce a cyborg child Imogenne has spent her life underground, living aw

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Womb of the New World was an enjoyable sci fi romance that was one of theoriginal storylines that I have read in a while The humans have been forced underground due to nuclear and chemical warfare They remain there to protect themselves from the Wrok, cyborgs that have mutated as a result of the bioengineered weapons

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    So just by looking at the cover you can tell this is not going to be your ordinary book And, well, it suits different tastes I, myself, have been known to enjoy all kinds of sick perverted weird unusual genres characters plots body parts Which is why I decided to give Womb of the New World love the title a try At first I thought they were demons or something, but they re actually cyb...

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    A heavily erotic and darkly themed romance, Womb of the New World was nothing like I expected it to be.The main characters are misfits in their own primitively established communities that have been separated by time, tradition, and a poor understanding of technology that has long since been lost.Imogenne can t help her reaction the attraction she feels, for her Wrok captor, but their barbaric pra

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    This book isthan meets the eye Full review on Agents of Romancehttp www.agentsofromance.com events

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