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The Fatal Tree (Bright Empires, #5) The Fatal Tree Bright Empires, 5 PDF Epub Author Stephen R Lawhead Paletterie2000.eu Kit Stared At His Fellow Questors Is This It The End Of Everything It Started With Small, Seemingly Insignificant Wrinkles In Time A Busy Bridge Suddenly Disappears, Spilling Cars Into The Sea A Beast From Another Realm Roams Modern Streets Napoleon S Army Appears In 1930s Damascus Ready For Battle But That S Only The Beginning As Entire Realities Collide And Collapse.The Questors Are Spread Throughout The Universe Mina Is Stuck On A Plain Of Solid Ice, Her Only Companion An Angry Cave Lion Tony And Gianni Are Monitoring The Cataclysmic Reversal Of The Cosmic Expansion But Coming Up Short On Answers And Burleigh Is Languishing In A Dreary Underground Dungeon His Only Hope Of Survival The Very Man He Tried To Murder.Kit And Cass Are Back In The Stone Age Trying To Reach The Spirit Well But An Enormous Yew Tree Has Grown Over The Portal, Effectively Cutting Off Any Chance Of Return Unless Someone Can Find A Solution And Fast All Creation Will Be Destroyed In The Universal Apocalypse Known As The End Of Everything.In This Final Volume Of The Fantastic Bright Empires Series, Stephen R Lawhead Brings This Multi Stranded Tale To A Stunning And Immensely Satisfying Conclusion.

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    This fifth and final volume of the Bright Empires series is much of a piece with the four volumes that went before, in terms of content, style, and quality Reader s reactions to the fi

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    The bar was raised a little bit by the back cover promising an immensely satisfying conclusion to the Bright Empires series Substitute somewhat for immensely and that s much closer to the truth

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    Initial Response HOW DO I FIND WORDS HELP It started with small, seemingly insignificant wrinkles in time A busy bridge suddenly disappears, spilling cars into the sea A beast from another realm roams mod

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    I have a new top favorite series In other news a re read of all five books is called for ASAP P.S Please go grab Book 1 THE SKIN MAP at your local library, bookstore, or online someplace Because these books are epi

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    So much rides on the conclusion of a series for the characters yes, but also for the reader Expectations and suspense have been built up for hundreds of pages, and we wonder how it all will end The Fatal Tree endeddifferentl

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    Disappointing from a writer of quality The structure seemed stilted, characters largely uninteresting, plot and devices were imprecise mumbo jumbo That s what I wrote for 1 of the series, I kept going until I finished I don t have the

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    Culmination In this final installment of the Bright Empires series, I especially appreciated Lawhead s references and parallels to famous moments and teachings in the Bible While this series isn t overtly Christian, the underpinnings of truth r

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    The Fatal Tree was an absorbing read I blasted through most of it in the space of a five day break because I couldn t put it down From start to finish, Lawhead delivers a great ending that makes the entire series a worthwhile read The pacing is swift and

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    I probably would have enjoyed itif I wasn t so ticked at the last one.Disappointed in the evolutionary viewpoint, rather than a creationist perspective I wasn t so fond of the last one The Shadow Lamp, due to that There was even an essay in the back by him about h

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    The Fatal Tree is the final book in the Bright Empires Series that spans 5 books I cannot remember how I first heard of these books but I am glad I found them I am hooked on anything that has to do with time or inter dimensional travel It is a continuous story journey throu

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