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Korolev This Text Details And Analyzes The History Of The Soviet Space Programme And Tells The Story Of Its Charismatic Founder Sergei Korolev Although Virtually Unknown Both In His Own Country And In The West, Korolev Is Considered By Experts To Be As, If Not , Important Than Wernher Von Braun

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    If you don t know who Sergei Pavlovich Korlev was, you should He was the mastermind behind the Soviet space effort, the man responsible for Sputnik His efforts kept the Soviets ahead in the space race until his death in 1966

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    If you are not familiar with the space race between the U.S and Soviet Union from 1946 1969, this book would bore you If you have a degree of familiarity with the subject, this tome will fascinate you Harford does a fabulous job i

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    Attempts to straddle the line between character study and history book Definitely fallsinto the latter category Harford clearly has a great affinity for the subject but the material still comes off as very dry.

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    A good biography of Sergei Korolev, chief engineer responsible for OBK 1 design bureau during the early part of the Space Race Korolev was a key ingredient in the enormously successful space shots of the USSR beginning with the R 7 launch s

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    A very rare and extremely well researched written account on the history of Soviet space era There is nobody in the US or any other places where one person is responsible for tasks stretching from management, design, fabrication, launch and cont

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    A fascinating look at the central figure in the Soviet space program, told by a space race insider Having interviewed nearly everyone who was associated with the Soviet program and willing to discuss their role, this book stands apart from other Sovi

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    Excellent biography of Sergei Pavlovich Korolev Thoroughly researched, through archives, and numerous interviews of Korolev s contemporaries Highly detailed, yet still an engaging read for space geeks.

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