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Cuck Storm Horizon (Reluctant Cuckold Book 2) Reading Cuck Storm Horizon Reluctant Cuckold Book 2 Author David McManus Pccare247.us Dave Martens Has To Fill In For His Boss And Deliver The Presentation Of His Career All The While Knowing That His Young Wife Ashley Is Back In New York With Her New Lover Mike In Their Marriage Bed Mike, The Guy Dave Met In A Cuckold Chat Room, Whom Ashley Believes Is An Old Friend From Summer Camp The Real Challenges Await Dave Upon His Return Mike S Woven Himself Into The Fabric Of Dave S Marriage He S Taken Over Dave S Bedroom And Wants To Dunk Him In The Cuckold Deep End Dave Resolves To Stand Up For Himself, Hoping A Big Heart To Heart With Ashley Will Pull The Brakes On This Runaway Train Meanwhile He Must Pretend Everything S Perfect As They Go Out On The Town With Another Couple, Attend A Family Cookout Even Just Saying Hello To His Doorman Becomes A Trial As Dave Struggles To Project Normalcy But His Troubles Are Just Beginning Mike Has A Birthday Coming Up, And Ashley Has An Unusual Gift In Mind The Story Of Cuck Storm Horizon Begins The Morning After The End Of McManus S First Novel, Reluctant Cuckold.

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    I strongly recommend RELUCTANT CUCKOLD and, its second part, CUCK STORM HORIZON by David McManus to anyone interested in cuckoldry erotica.In my opinion, Reluctant Cuckold and Cuck Storm Horizon are two of the best written books of cuckoldry erotica, on a single story, Cuck Storm Horizon being the second part of the story.To avoid any misconception about the book

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    Warning this review does contain spoilers, but I have tried to make the parts mentioned not to specific.This is second book in the series telling the story of David Martens decent in to full scale cuckoldry and should be read after the first, Reluctant Cuckold Dave continues to come to terms with his wife s infidelity, while his wife appears very relaxed about her cou

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    A very well written story that really gets inside the mind of a reluctant cuckold In this second part the author answers a lot of my questions from the first part, as we do finally get to understand some of the wife s perspective on what s happened Dave, the cuckold husband, is still just as messed up mentally as he struggles with the upheavals in his life, he s still fant

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    The rare sequel that improves the original Cuck Storm Horizon picks up almost immediately after the end of Reluctant Cuckold, and it expands and deepens the characters Motivations and events from the first book are explained and expanded, and the characters are fleshed out This is a continuation of the same story, not a further adve...

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    Reread in hopes of Cuckold Uncharted coming out soon I had forgotten how many potential story lines were left open in this book Personally, I m hoping the next one will tell us about what lead up to Ashley s time before Jim and finish the Jay story line Ashley s interview with Mike about her time with Jim was amazing in her struggle to be gentle with Dave, obedient to Mike, and hone

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    Its second part of reluctant cuckold and better than the first one but only for cuckolds.I think this book is gift for people having cuckold feeling and have fear of society together.This book is about a guy ...

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