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Witness this author has fast become one of my new favorite writers this was a phenominal and fast paced book and what a twist at the same time, the characters are all real people, as in, very believable.i wish i could get my hands on of her stuff, but i ve read all i ve been abl Witness Download Author Susan Page Davis Capitalsoftworks.co.uk I Saw My Neighbor Murder His Wife But The Police Didn T Believe Petra Wilson They Insisted She Was Mistaken There Was No Body, No Evidence, No Murder Petra Knew What She Had Seen And Now Her Dangerous Neighbor Knew It, Too She Needed Protection, Needed Someone To Believe Her So She Turned To Private Investigator Joe Tarleton, Expecting Him To Decide There Was No Case But The Handsome P.I Vowed To Uncover The Truth Still, He Couldn T Guard Petra Twenty Four Hours A Day.Which Left Them Both Wide Open To A Killer Intent On Silencing The Only Living Witness. Witness by Susan Page DavisPetra Wilson was just enjoying a night of catch with her dog Mason when she heard something from the house behind her She watched as a woman was murdered and as the murderer saw her Problem was the police couldn t find a body or any evidence of what she saw Joe, a P.I she met at her sister s was the only person who believed her Joe Tarleton was determined to prove Petra really did see a murder.only their was no evidence And even as strange things started happening to her, nothing pointed to the neighbor, who was also a well respected man Joe needed to somehow find proof before it was too late for Petra The desperate the murderer became.the danger the only witness was in.Great suspense story Petra had to keep asking herself if she really did see the murder Joe had to prove that this woman he just met was not someone to create stories And both of them would have to put their pasts behind them if they wanted This is the story of a lady who witnesses what she is sure is a murder, but no one will believe her at first Mortal danger, murder, greed, romance, family relationships, and page turning writing make this Christian mystery a winner Pretty good mystery A woman is playing with her dog in her back yard and witnesses a murder When the police get there they can find no body nor indication of murder so don t believe her story The investigation, however, lets the neighbor know he was seen. I liked this book it was suspenseful and a quick read. This was a very good book I liked how it ended It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Very good book.

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