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Carthage: A History Carthage, Now A Ruin On The North Coast Of Africa, Was The Capital Of One Of The Ancient World S Most Powerful Empires

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    But is it a history There is no doubt that I would enjoy reading a good narrative history of Carthage if it could be found, but this book is heavy on archaeology, heavy on discussion ab

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    Very brief comments Clearly, a very in depth, scholarly report on what was at the time of the books writing known about Carthage, rather than a mere history of the famous city.Most interesting as

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    I read the French version of the book It is the best history book on Carthage Serge Lancel is a historian and an archeologist who specializes in Carthage He spent decades researching this topic on sites an

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    It goes from the founding of the city to its destruction, using archeology and literary sources to back up his findings, noting where a topic isn t conclusive and presents us with the evidence so as the reader can m

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    This book was informative and really interesting However, translation from academic French into English made it even denser than it would be normally.

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