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Walking Wolf: A Weird Western Collins Latest Is A Variation On The Western Werewolf Premise And An Extension Of Themes She Has Been Developing Since Her Debut.Narrator Billy Skillet Is The 150 Year Old Shapeshifter Offspring Of A Human Mother And Vargr Werewolf Father The First Half Of Billy S Tale Is A Picaresque Romp In Which The Competing Demands Of His Human And Feral Sides Drive Him From The West Texas Comanches Among Whom He S Raised In The Mid 19th Century Into The White Man S World, Where He Works As A Saloon Attendant, A Drummer For A Traveling Medicine Show And A Sidekick For A Vampire Gunslinger.

About the Author: Nancy A. Collins

Nancy A Collins born 10 September 1959 is a United States horror fiction writer best known for her series of vampire novels featuring her character Sonja Blue Collins has also written for comic books, including the Swamp Thing series, Jason Vs Leatherface, Predator Hell Come A Walkin and her own one shot Dhampire Stillborn.Collins was born in McGehee, Arkansas, United States She lived in N

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    I read this in one sitting one summer while on vacation with my cousins It s a fantastic book that covers the story of a very, very old werewolf, who after a long life filled with startling highs and lows, decides to recount his tale to a passing stranger before he finally dies It s a tale which intersperses histo

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    Really good

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    the worst book I have ever read Stupid story where nothing happens except recounting late 19th century native american history. The writing also was something Id expect from a high school writing project.

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