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Drömfakulteten Ett Hotellrum I Tenderloin District, Torskdistriktet I San Francisco Det R April Och Valerie Solanas Ligger Och D R I Lunginflammation P En Smutsig Madrass Och Nedkissade Lakan Utanf R F Nstret Blinkar Rosa Neonskyltar, Det R Flickor Och Fittor F R Ingenting, Porrmusiken Arbetar Dag Och NattDen April Hittas Hennes Kropp Av Hotellpersonalen I Polisrapporten St R Det Att Den D Da Kn Ar Vid S Ngkanten Har Hon F Rs Kt Ta Sig Upp I S Ngen Har Hon Gr Tit , Att Hennes Kropp R T Ckt Av Maskar Och Att D Den Troligen Har Intr Ffat N Gon G Ng Kring Den AprilN Gra Veckor Tidigare Har N Gon I Hotellpersonalen Sett Henne Sitta Och Skriva Vid F Nstret Jag T Nker Mig H Gar Av Papper P Skrivbordet, Silverkappan P En Galge Vid F Nstret Och Lukten Av Saltvatten Fr N Stilla Havet, Jag T Nker Mig Valerie Febrig I S Ngen D R Hon F Rs Ker R Ka Cigaretter Och G Raanteckningar Jag T Nker Mig Utkast Och Manuskript Verallt I Rummet Sol Kanske Vita Moln En Kens Ensamhet Jag T Nker Mig Att Jag R D R Hos Valerie Dr Mfakulteten R En Svindlande Roman Om Amerika, Kendjur, Horor Och D Den I Utkanten Av Knarna, Str Nderna, Universitetsparkerna Och Sextiotalets Konstv Rld Springer Valerie Solanas Genom Den Amerikanska Historien I Sin Silverkappa Och I Freaksens Alla F Rkl Dnader Galenpannans, Horans, Bagladyns Sara Stridsbergs Valerie Solanas R Ett Underbarn P Gr Nsen Till Underg Ng Som B De Speglar Och F Rvr Nger Arkitekturen, Ber Ttelserna Och Vetenskapen Somkonstituerar Hennes V Rld

About the Author: Sara Stridsberg

Sara Stridsberg is a Swedish author and translator Her first fiction novel, Happy Sally, was about Sally Bauer, the first Scandinavian to swim the English Channel.In 2007, she was awarded the Nordic Council s Literature Prize for her novel Dr mfakulteten The Dream Faculty , which is her second novel and a fictitious story about Valerie Solanas, who wrote the SCUM manifesto, which Stridsberg has translated into Swedish.

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    Fierce and foul, one of the most confronting books I ve read in quite some time, The Faculty of Dreams aka Valerie is a novel about Valerie Solanas, the woman who wrote the SCUM Manifesto and shot Andy Warhol Except it isn t, not really It s muchcomplex than that This is not a biography, neither is it a straightforward fictionalised account of Solanas life The author describes it as a

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    This was so difficult to read.It s nightmarish there s a tonne of disturbing content in it But on the other hand the way it s written is mesmerising you cannot drop the book You swirl into the story although it makes you uncomfortable.I want to avoid saying I liked it because I kind of hated it, but I loved it Does this make sense

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    Longlisted for the Man Booker International Prize 2019edited 9 April I can t believe this one missed out on the shortlist This is a vibrant, visceral reimagining of the life and legacy of Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist whose 15 minutes of notoriety came in 1968 when she shot and almost killed Andy Warhol.Stridsberg gets her disclaimer in from the startThe Faculty of Dreams is not a biography, it

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    I didn t expect to like this as much as I did I would have steered clear of it if I hadn t pledged to read all of this year s International Booker longlist At best, I thought I would have a grudging respect for the book in all its grimness Valerie Solanas had an exceptionally tough life, as her attorney explains in the novel FLORYNCE KENNEDY On June 10, 1968 I was appointed public defense counsel in the case Ne

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    I m sorry I missed It was immoral to miss I should have donetarget practice.Valerie I think you are the saddest girl I have ever met There are no paths in the dark There is nothing to tell I cannot tell you how sad I am I cannot talk about it It is not possible to think outside your thoughts.The narratorBook 11 13 from the Man Booker International and my favourite so far The Faculty of Dreams Amendment to the Theory of

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    We have had the movie already Mary Harron s neat indie from 1996 is everything I thought I needed to know about Valerie Solanas and if I neededdetail I could read the biography But Swedish author Sara Stridsberg thinks there s a lot been left unsaid and gives us what I guess is a re imagining of the life and crime of Valerie Solanas, in which narrative energy is tossed aside in favour of repetitious incantatory dissociative scor

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    Valerie Solanas, known for the chuckle packed S.C.U.M Manifesto pre feminist prescience or pseudo intellectual terrorism, choose one and for putting a bullet into talentless human mop Andy Warhol, is taken on with a rollicking scabrousness and strange compassion in this Swedish novel first published in 2006 In a series of short chapters, alternating between fictional dialogues with Valerie and the narrator, her mother, her head quacks an

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    When you read a quote unquote highbrow book, the impulse at least for me is usually to try to write a quote unquote highbrow review Because there isn t much dignity in reading an intelligent book like Valerie published as The Faculty of Dreams in the UK and dismissing it with pedestrian critique, but whatever, I m going to do it anyway I found this both boring and deeply annoying.I can never really figure out what I want from novels which fiction

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    Unlike most of my GR chums, who read this when it was nominated for the Booker International last year many felt it should have won , I came to it late, directly after consuming the new hefty biography of Warhol, and also subsequently re watching Mary Harron s film, I Shot Andy Warhol So I was a mite puzzled and disappointed that Stridberg s imagined fantasia strayed from the facts about Solanas life as often as it adhered to them The author never quite e

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    The Faculty of Dreams is not a biography, it is a literary fantasy derived from the life and work of Valerie Solanas, American, now deceased Few facts are known about Valerie Solanas and even to those this novel is not faithful All characters in the novel should therefore be regarded as fictional, including Valerie Solanas herself.This also applies to the map of America, there being no deserts in Georgia.As I went into this book, I knew the name Valerie Solanas a

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