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The Ordeal of Fire Prester John Dominates The Known World Total Loyalty Is Demanded Disobedience Is Punished By DeathElowen Aubyn Has Reached The Sanctuary Of The Illuminati There She Is Safeor So She Believed For Soon, Betrayal And Tragedy Plunges Elowen Into A Desperate And Deadly Quest To Discover The Four Mysteries, Ancient Artefacts Of Great PowerWith A Small Band Of Friends, Elowen Travels Across Dangerous Lands, Encountering Terrifying Creatures And Ruthless Enemies And She Must Confront Her Deepest Fear, And Uncover A Shocking Secret That Will Change Her LifeThe Second Part Of An Epic Fantasy Saga, The Ordeal Of Fire Takes The Reader On A Journey Of Magic, Intrigue And Daring Escapes

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    Originally posted at Butterfly o Meter Books on Jul 5 2011 The first, first, first thing I ll tell you is, go grab your free copy of The Map of the Known World You can download it from Lulu, free of any charge As my rating subtly suggests, you will not regret it one bit This story is spectacular and I mean, spectacular Yes, I am fangirling about it

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    The Ordeal of Fire is Steven Smith s second book in the Tree of Life trilogy Elowen and her companions continue with a variety of quests Elowen and Diggory had found respite with the Illuminati, and both were being taught and trained by masters Elowen is chosen to by one of the Illuminati leaders to join with several other students for a special task

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    I found the first book of this trilogy, The Map of the Known World, as a free ebook on Lulu a few years ago and read and enjoyed it back then To my surprise, the author, who found my review on it back then, e mailed me to let me know that this second book had just been released and offered me a free ebook of it This book continues the story of the fir

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    Full review is available on my blog book basically continues the adventures of Elowen Aubyn, who is forced to undertake a new quest to discover the Four Mysteries, ancient artifacts that hold the key to finding the Tree of Life and defeating Prester John Along this journey she meets slave traders, kings, strange creatures and uncovers several secrets t

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    Smith s writing is very pretty It is eloquent and sophisticated, something I would expect to see from a seasoned published author It reminds me of the works of Mercedes Lackey, one of my personal favorite authors See the entire review at Sift by Kayelee of Sift Book ReviewsSift Book Reviews received a free copy for review from the author This has, in no

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