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A Mother’s Confession PDF A Mother S Confession Author Kelly Rimmer Contra Saustall.eu Your Husband Took His Own Life Tell The Truth And Destroy What S Left Of Your Family Or Keep A Secret That Will Tear You Apart What Would You Do Olivia And David Were The Perfect Couple With Their Whole Lives In Front Of Them When Beautiful Baby Daughter Zoe Came Along, Their World Seemed Complete But Now David Is Dead And Olivia S World Is In Pieces While She Is Consumed With Grief, Her Mother In Law Ivy Is Also Mourning The Loss Of Her Son Both Women Are Hiding Secrets About The Man They Loved Secrets That Have Put The Family In Danger Something Was Very Wrong In Olivia And David S Marriage Can Olivia And Ivy Break Their Silence And Speak The Truth A Mother Should Protect Her Child, Whatever The Costshouldn T She From The Bestselling Author Of The Secret Daughter And Me Without You Comes Another Emotionally Gripping And Gut Wrenching Read About Love, Loss And The Strength Of A Mother S Love This Was A Refreshingly Different Read Which I Would Put In The Same Vein As Diane Chamberlain But This Was Even Better Than Some Of Diane S Latest Releases This Is No Girl Meets Boy And Falls In Love Read But Rather A Heartbreaking, Beautifully Written Story Based On True Facts A Thought Provoking, Emotional Story Not To Be Missed Shaz S Book Blog I Adored This Novel Absolutely, 100% Adored It Kelly Rimmer Is A Beautiful Writer The Secret Daughter Packed Such An Emotional, Powerful Punch, One That I Don T Think I Ve Felt Before That I Ll Always Associate With Her Novels From Now On Becca S Books Kelly Rimmer Did An Amazing Job Of Telling Such A Heartbreaking Tale This Story Had Me Laughing, Crying And Hugging My Daughter A Wee Tighter I Loved This Story Steph And Chris Book Reviews

About the Author: Kelly Rimmer

Kelly Rimmer is the USA Today bestselling women s fiction author of five novels, including Me Without You and The Secret Daughter Her most recent release is Before I Let You Go She lives in rural Australia with her husband, 2 children and fantastically naughty dogs, Sully and Basil Her novels have been translated into than 20 languages.

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    ALL THE STARS Oh WOW I almost have no words I had no idea what to write so I ve holding off on writing this review for quite a while I thought maybe I would just give it 5 stars and leave it at that Because every time I started to write this review I got emotional.How have I not read any books from Kelly Rimmer before The story is told from the point of

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    Audiobook narrated by Brigid Lohrey Excellent reader Anyone who remembers Mrs Levy , from the book, The Ladies Auxiliary..might have related to Goodreads friend, Violet, when she wrote I thought blood was going to burst through my skin and boil over Mrs Levy was a vile character Most readers felt gut wrenching emotions towards her I m here to say.Mrs Levy met

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    2.5 Stars While I found the story interesting and well written in places I had an issue with the bookcover which really irked me and that was the description on the front cover of the paperback edition as per spoiler below view spoiler A Mother s Confession A heartbreaking story with a breathtaking twist Is it really necessary to market a book in such an obvoious ma

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    I have a lot of thoughts about A Mother s Confession It was good, but also INCREDIBLY frustrating It s not a spoiler to say this is the story of Olivia, a woman whose husband badly abused her It is told in alternating chapters by her and his mother, Ivy The story unfolds with and details of the abuse and the vile character of David being revealed I felt for Olivia, even

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    My thanks to Netgalley for the honour of reading this simply incredible book A Mother s Confession is an emotional roller coaster and one of the only books I didn t want to read purely because I didn t want it to finish This is a story about a man called David, a husband, father and son, told from the viewpoint of Olivia, his wife and Ivy, his over protective mother Shocking an

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    I know the synopsis doesn t exactly sound light, but the story is even heartwrenching and overwhelming than it seems I didn t count on this book making me cry Mind blowing good story It s not a particularly long or short book, but I blew right through it I was desperate to find out how it ended for Olivia and Ivy Very moving One part struck me towards the beginning I even made an up

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    I bought my own paperback Bookouture don t send out any actual paperbacks to review so for this reason I only buy a few of Bookouture books A Mother s Confession is a fantastic novel I highly recommend it.

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    Full review on www.novelgossip.comRarely am I shocked by a twist in a non thriller mystery novel as I tend to find them mostly predictable, likely due to the fact that I read so many books with amazing plot twists Generally, enough hints are dropped that I can quickly figure things out without much effort The cover calls the twist breathtaking and there is no fitting description to be found I h

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    This has zoomed right into my top 20 fabulous rememberable outstanding choices of 2016I have enjoyed every single book this author has written She holds no punches on the readers emotions Right smack in there where your heart is stampeded on, where the people in the book are real, where the pain becomes your pain, where the hurt becomes your own.Two women connected by the same man.David.Someone s son.

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    How do you move on when the person you ve built your whole life around is no longer living That s what these two women, Olivia and Ivy, struggle with throughout the whole book Ironically, they have built their lives around the same man David But they ve built their lives around him in two different ways The story is told from two different perspectives, one a mother and one a wife One can see absolutely no

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