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On A Sunbeam This sprawling science fiction adventure starts off a little slow, but manages to pick up the pace and establish its colorful cast of characters just in time At its heart, it s a story about friendship and family and love and loyalty, and it is pretty much unputdownable I am going t Mia, a sometimes reckless young adult, struggles academically at a prestigious outer space boarding school, and graduates worrying she s come to a bit of a dead end in her life That changes when she is assigned work on a spaceship that rebuilds old structures all over the galaxy or universe or multiverse This is where the story begins Mi Reading On A Sunbeam Author Tillie Walden Thegreatwallonline.us An Epic Graphic Novel About A Girl Who Travels To The Ends Of The Universe To Find A Long Lost Love, From Acclaimed Author Tillie Walden.Throughout The Deepest Reaches Of Space, A Crew Rebuilds Beautiful And Broken Down Structures, Painstakingly Putting The Past Together As Mia, The Newest Member, Gets To Know Her Team, The Story Flashes Back To Her Pivotal Year In Boarding School, Where She Fell In Love With A Mysterious New Student When Mia Grows Close To Her New Friends, She Reveals Her True Purpose For Joining Their Ship To Track Down Her Long Lost Love.An Inventive World, A Breathtaking Love Story, And Stunning Art Come Together In This New Work By Award Winning Artist Tillie Walden. I have heard of Tillie Walden from her memoir, Spinning haven t read it yet but will soon I did tell myself that I would read graphic novels this year and On a Sunbeam is definitely on that list I like Tillie s art so I m looking forward to getting a physical copy. It s like the older you get theyou forget that you can change things I don t think I ve ever read a graphic novel And the last time I read a comic was probably in 5th grade I can t tell you why really But there are a few reasons I start now.1 Last year I read a book by the name of Eliza and her Monsters It s a young adult story about a webcomic artist who s suffering from social anxiety It was a really wonderful read and it contained a second story arc that s actually the main char It s like the older you get theyou forget that you can change things I don t think I ve ever read a graphic novel And the last time I read a comic was probabl wowowowowow that was so GOOD I read the webcomic here warnings bullying, misgendering, blood lots of feelings The f f scifi story I didn t know I needed. I read that chapter you showed me About how I should think of all the circuits and wires like they re roads And that it s like one big map Every part is unique, but they re all connected I think I sorta get it Mia begins her adult life and gets a job in reconstruction with a small team which consisct of two married women, a niece of one of them, and a non binary person But the story is not linear i The most beautifully drawn, imaginative graphic novel about space travel Every page of this was just absolutely stunning, especially the fish spaceships.

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