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The Alien Warriors Secret Omega (Alpha Aliens #1) EPUB The Alien Warriors Secret Omega Alpha Aliens 1 Coyote Starr Wgf2011.eu The Planet Drouk Needs Omegas Luckily, Earth S About To Supply Them Centuries Ago, Human Colonists Settled On Drouk And When A Plague Wiped Out All The Women, Their Scientists Created The Genetically Modified Alphas And Omegas To Breed Humans Now, Though, There Are Many Fewer Omegas Than Are Needed To Keep The Droukan Warrior Race Strong So When Earth Rediscovers Its Lost Colony, It Seems Like Perfect Timing As Part Of The Earth Ambassador S Diplomatic Party, Lyle Williams Didn T Expect To Be Tempted By One Of The Colorful, Enormous Droukan Warriors But When The Green Giant Of A Man Offers To Show Luke Around The City, He Finds He Can T Bring Himself To Say No, Even Though He Realizes That The Ambassador Might Not Approve After A Night Of Passion, Though, He Finds Himself Pregnant With Bourke S Baby Now He Must Decide What To Do Return Home To Earth As A Disgraced Diplomat, Or Give Up Everything He S Ever Known And Stay With Bourke And Their Child He Has Only A Short Time To Make A Choice But Until His Time Runs Out, He Ll Keep On Being The Alien Warrior S Secret Omega An Alpha Omega MPreg Novella It s good, not great Very slightly I do like this story An interesting spin on an overdone topic This is very much a feel good book, nothing really bad happens, everyone has a happily ever after.The editing is ok, there are some misspellings and slightly confusing lines Not enough to ruin anything, and I m usually one to stop reading the book completely if the editing s a mess.The story is a Good quick readThis was an entertaining quick read I really enjoyed the world that the author built This book could easily become a really good series.

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