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Split Tooth Longlisted For The Scotiabank Giller PrizeFrom The Internationally Acclaimed Inuit Throat Singer Who Has Dazzled And Enthralled The World With Music It Had Never Heard Before, A Fierce, Tender, Heartbreaking Story Unlike Anything You Ve Ever ReadFact Can Be As Strange As Fiction It Can Also Be As Dark, As Violent, As Rapturous In The End, There May Be No Difference Between ThemA Girl Grows Up In Nunavut In The S She Knows Joy, And Friendship, And Parents Love She Knows Boredom, And Listlessness, And Bullying She Knows The Tedium Of The Everyday World, And The Raw, Amoral Power Of The Ice And Sky, The Seductive Energy Of The Animal World She Knows The Ravages Of Alcohol, And Violence At The Hands Of Those She Should Be Able To Trust She Sees The Spirits That Surround Her, And The Immense Power That Dwarfs All Of Us When She Becomes Pregnant, She Must Navigate All ThisVeering Back And Forth Between The Grittiest Features Of A Small Arctic Town, The Electrifying Proximity Of The World Of Animals, And Ravishing World Of Myth, Tanya Tagaq Explores A World Where The Distinctions Between Good And Evil, Animal And Human, Victim And Transgressor, Real And Imagined Lose Their Meaning, But The Guiding Power Of Love RemainsHaunting, Brooding, Exhilarating, And Tender All At Once, Tagaq Moves Effortlessly Between Fiction And Memoir, Myth And Reality, Poetry And Prose, And Conjures A World And A Heroine Readers Will Never Forget

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    This book defies categorization, being unlike anything I have ever read This is visceral storytelling It has been long listed for the Giller Prize The author, Tanya Tagaq, is an award winning Inuit throat singer If you are unfamiliar with her strange, unworldly music, I urge you to visit YouTube There are videos of her performing,

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    This is unlike anything I have ever read It defies language, convention, and any literary form Genre bending even feels like a weak description This book comes out in September, and I highly recommend picking up a copy.

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    3.5 rounded upTagac writes beautifully and her background as a song writer comes through in the lyricism of the prose She lays out an emotionally intense and personal story of an inuk experience, filled with mythical stories, raw and real violence and tragic life events, interspersed with her throat singing Although at times the loos

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    A beautifully and honestly written memoir of Tagaq s childhood through teen years growing up in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut Split Tooth is a descriptive and at times uncomfortable read, but is a book any Canadian wanting to better understand the First Nations experience should pick up.

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    Exactly what one should expect from a piece of Tanya Tagaq s work a biting and poetic transportation into a new dimension into a world familiar to few, but accessible to all through Tagaq s harshly honest ode to a girl s life in the North.

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    As with Ms Tagaq s live musical performances, this work is filled with unexpected twists and turns, sorrow and beauty, but the overwhelming impression is one of magic and awe.

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    this is a vicious book brutal, maternal, sweet, and so visceral her writing is so special and creepy in the best way possible

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    Moving and powerful.

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    An intense, visionary, deeply poetic and deeply unsettling book with very little I could compare it to Oddly the first thing that comes to mind is Leonard Cohen s Beautiful Losers which, despite its excellence, has been very fairly pilloried for its colonial gaze of Mohawk Saint and sexual assault victim Kateri Tekakwitha Like Beautiful Lo

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    This book was really hard for me to read at first, because the author describes tough subjects , difficult times It was unlike anything else I have read It was poetry, it was a novel it was a journey My father is Inuit and although I lost my status when I turned 19, because I didn t have enough blood relatives ancestry I still identify as I

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