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What Red Was Life is tentative, predatory.Absent genetics, a mother owes her child absolutely nothing, the daughter owes her mother not one glance backward Thus indulged, thus is reality A manufactured state mid life crisis , created for and by men,with a mind towards, screwing every young woman in sight poems 4 starsWhat Red Was is a stark and riveting debut novel that vividly depicts the lasting effects of rape on a young woman s mind, body, and life This is not for the faint of heart , and I am not writing this as some sort of snide but of a heads up since this novel portrays rape and trauma in an unflinchingly way At times I was overwhelmed The story will make you angry, sad, distressed, all the sort of emotions you should feel when reading about such a horrific act Another thing that I appreciated is that the story didn t reduce its characters to convenient stereotypes Nor did itglamorise depression, addiction s , or self harm Unlike a certain other novel out there Kate wasn t reduced to the abominable violation committed against her She was a relatable and interesting character, and following her life prior to that day really brought her character to life Her friendship with Max was complex and poignant, and it didn t fall victim to the friends to lovers clich The way their relationship changes over the PDF Epub What Red Was Author Rosie Price Sioril.co.uk When Kate Quaile Meets Max Rippon In The First Week Of University, A Life Changing Friendship Begins Over The Next Four Years, The Two Become Inseparable For Him, She Breaks Her Solitude For Her, He Leaves His Busy Circles Behind But Knowing Max Means Knowing His Family The Wealthy Rippons, All Generosity, Social Ease, And Quiet Repression Theirs Is A Very Different World From Kate S Own Upbringing, And Yet She Finds Herself Quickly Drawn Into Their Gilded Lives, And The Secrets That Lie Beneath Until One Evening, At The Rippons Home, Just After Graduation, Her Life Is Shattered Apart In A Bedroom While A Party Goes On Downstairs What Red Was Is An Incisive And Mesmerizing Novel About Power, Privilege, And Consent One That Fearlessly Explores The Effects Of Trauma On The Mind And Body Of A Young Woman, The Tyrannies Of Memory, The Sacrifices Involved In Staying Silent, And The Courage In Speaking Out And When Kate Does, It Raises This Urgent Question Whose Story Is It Now 2.5 rounded up I m struggling with how to review What Red Was there are moments where it feels like a well handled depiction of how one young woman deals with the aftermath of rape, and at others it feels like a bit of a drawn out and confused narrative lacking nuance, where the characters are kept at a distance which is probabl You re telling me.Too much tell and not enough show in this coolly recounted debut by young new author Rosie Price Covering the hot topics of an ambiguous rape and the resultant cutting, the victim drip feeds the name of her known assailant in such a dispassionate style that it s hard to care There s a confusing cast of characters and I found myself skipping increasingly large chunks.In Room 101 of a novel writing course, I Normal People Sally Rooney , This copy was kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the publisher via NetGalley. Inauguro aqui a classifica o abaixo das 3 estrelas Uma coisa cheia de coisa nenhuma Trabalho, a quanto obrigas What Red Was documents the friendship of Kate and Max two students at university who strike up and extremely close friendship and are inseparable But when Kate attends a gathering at Max s stately home, she is raped upstairs by his cousin This changed Kate who goes through complete emotional turmoil and trauma and begins to distance herself from Max, whilst never letting him know who did this to her The book executed sexual assault very well although I would say it could be extremely triggering for anyone who has been assaulted It is a delicate topic but it was done very well and it was hard to read the aftermath as someone struggles to get on with their life after something so traumatic The book was a little slow at times and had lots of different sub plots involving members of Max s family that I didn t really care for and frustrated me because I wanted to go back to the main plot of Kate and Max The main reason for Thank you, Crown Publishing for sending me a free ARC, in exchange for an honest review What Red Was by Rosie Price is an unflinching look at the aftermath of a sexual assault Kate and Max meet their first semester at College, and soon become inseparable friends Their friendship is platonic and refreshing I liked how Price didn t try to force a sexual relationship Nothing about their friendship feels contrived or manipulative Men and women can be friends This novel has different points of view including Kate, Max, Max s mother a film director , etc At first, I thought Kate should be the one telling her story, but midway through, I ended up really enjoying hearing from the various characters It made me for a compelling and well rounded read There is a rape scene It s graphic, but nothing gratuitous But if you are a survivor of sexual assault, some of the content might be trigging Also, self harm is also discussed, which might be another trigger for those who struggle with it I don t want to He had always thought he would be able to recognise a man capable of rape he had never thought that a handsome man would need to rape anyone Joining other recent books that have broken the silence around rape, non consent and trauma, I applaud the intentions of this book but have to say that it s quite chaotic and messy as a novel It feels unfocused, too much time spent on the family soap opera which ends up being the foreground rather than the context as a result, the rape is almost marginalised, Kate s brokenness is one wound amongst many, too many for my taste There are interesting ideas such as the one in the quotation above about how a man might think of rapists, who need

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