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Everyone On Campus Knows Remy Cameron He S The Out And Gay, Super Likable Guy That People Admire For His Confidence The Only Person Who May Not Know Remy That Well Is Remy Himself So When He Is Assigned To Write An Essay Describing Himself, He Goes On A Journey To Reconcile The Labels That People Have Attached To Him, And Get To Know The Real Remy Cameron How to Be Remy Cameron

About the Author: Julian Winters

Julian Winters is a former management trainer who lives in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia and has been crafting fiction since he was a child, creating communities around his hand drawn paper people He began writing LGBTQ character driven stories as a teen and developed a devoted fan fiction following When he isn t writing or using his sense of humor to entertain his young nephews, Julian enjoys reading, experimental cooking in the kitchen, and watching the only sports he can keep up with volleyball and soccer Running with Lions is his first novel.with a side of tea Tumblr Instagram

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    Absolutely fantastic Longer review to come later.Update on 9 25 19 How to Be Remy Cameron is a delightful and insightful book about identity and romance and that push you often get when you re in your late teens to figure out the rest of your life right that second Julian s first bookRunning With Lionswas a delightful, if

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    A heartfelt, emotional book on authenticity, expectations, and courage to be yourself.The protagonist, 17 year old Remy Cameron, is in his junior year of high school He would like to go to Emory College, so that he can be closer to his family his wonderful, supportive parents and his seven year old sister Willow Remy might lo

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    4.5 stars.Why didn t books like How to Be Remy Cameron exist when I was a teenager We have no control over what labels others give us, but we can define who we are by the ones we choose to give ourselves Remy Cameron is a pretty likable guy He s a good son even when his parents get embarrassing , he loves being a big brother, he

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    10 stars This book is everything.

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    the amount of times Remy is h rny in this I can t do it2.5 stars

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    The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 3.25 StarsFull review hereThis book is an introspective journey that Remy, the main character, embarks on He s trying to figure out who he really is and what the labels, that have been assigned to him throughout all his life, truly mean I th

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    ARC provided by the publisher. rep Black gay mc, Korean American gay liSo many good concepts went into this book It s a patchwork of beautiful ideas, a warm a gay character whose arc didn t revolve around coming out a whole pleiad of gay characters, actually,or less secondary, ARC provided by the publisher. rep Black gay mc, Korean America

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    3.5 stars julian winters, becky albertalli, and adam silvera are all battling to see who can reference harry potter the most in a single book and we re just letting themrtccontent warnings taken word for word from the back of the book discussions of racism, homophobia, past minor characters death, and alcoholism depictions of homophobic bullyi

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    And don t let others take pride in who you are your race, sexuality, whatever away from you They didn t give it to you they have no right to snatch it awayOnce again, I need Julian Winters to meet in the parking lot because he keeps playing with my emotions How to Be Remy Cameron is Winters brilliant sopho novel, following Remy Cameron, a junior

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    You d think that me, a queer black teen living in Georgia would come to love a book about a queer black teen living in Georgia by a queer black person living in Georgia Unfortunately, that was not the case What are the odds How to Be Remy Cameron was just a really dry book, to the extent I couldn t remember its title as I was writing the draft for t

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