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The Grace Year A Speculative Thriller In The Vein Of The Handmaid S Tale And The Power Optioned By Universal And Elizabeth Banks To Be A Major Motion Picture SURVIVE THE YEAR.No One Speaks Of The Grace Year It S Forbidden.In Garner County, Girls Are Told They Have The Power To Lure Grown Men From Their Beds, To Drive Women Mad With Jealousy They Believe Their Very Skin Emits A Powerful Aphrodisiac, The Potent Essence Of Youth, Of A Girl On The Edge Of Womanhood That S Why They Re Banished For Their Sixteenth Year, To Release Their Magic Into The Wild So They Can Return Purified And Ready For Marriage But Not All Of Them Will Make It Home Alive.Sixteen Year Old Tierney James Dreams Of A Better Life A Society That Doesn T Pit Friend Against Friend Or Woman Against Woman, But As Her Own Grace Year Draws Near, She Quickly Realizes That It S Not Just The Brutal Elements They Must Fear It S Not Even The Poachers In The Woods, Men Who Are Waiting For A Chance To Grab One Of The Girls In Order To Make A Fortune On The Black Market Their Greatest Threat May Very Well Be Each Other.With Sharp Prose And Gritty Realism, The Grace Year Examines The Complex And Sometimes Twisted Relationships Between Girls, The Women They Eventually Become, And The Difficult Decisions They Make In Between. Happy Sweet Sixteen Occasionally I like to really switch things up from my thrillers and read a frightening dystopian novel Though it s extremely rare if ever that I read something labeled YA But I was greatly rewarded for stepping outside my little comfort zone And bluntly put I WAS BLOWN AWAY I was locked in and spellbound from the opening page I read this one while on vacation.and all I wanted to do was get back to the room and keep reading It was just that good Tierney is entering her 16th year, a year known as The Grace Year. A time when all young women are sent away to an encampment where they go to release their magic After which, they return home to take their rightful place as wives or possibly face a bleak, uncertain future That s assuming they even come back at allThe looming question Is your worst fate lurking inside the gates or out Who can you trust Not your friends, not the guards, or the poachers To quote an old warning,Keep your friends close and your enemies closerAt this point, and most disturbing, can you really even trust yourself If you enjoy dystopian novels don t skip on this read Weeks laterstill can t stop reflecting on this book Definitely one of my favorite books for 2019.A buddy read with Susanne Thank you to NetGalley, St Martins Press and Kim Liggett for an ARC to read and review Happy Pub DayI have to remind myself the dresses, the red ribbons, the veils, the ceremonies they re all just distractions to keep our minds off the real issue at hand The grace year My chin begins to quiver when I think of the year ahead, the unknown, but I plaster on a vacant smile, as if I m happy to play my part, so I might return and marry and breed and die But not all of us will make it homenot in one piece Hello, good evening, and let me introduce you to my favorite book of 2019, The Grace Year I know it sounds ridiculous to be picking a favorite book when half of the year hasn t even passed us by, but that s how sure I am that nothing else will even come close to measuring against what this book did to me how it made me feel and for how it will affect my thoughts and behavior long term This book was horrifying and beautiful, weighty yet buoyant, and I will never be the same again after experiencing what was written in these pages I finished the story last night, but I couldn t shake what I d read, even in my dreaming state, and I don t think I ll be able to get a good night s sleep again until I work through this review, so here goes nothingAs the gate closes on the guards troubled faces, it s clear they truly believe we re loathsome creatures that need to be hidden away for safekeeping, for our own good, to exorcise the demons lurking inside of us, but even in this cursed place, anger, fear, and resentment boiling inside of me, I still don t feel magical I still don t feel powerful I feel forsaken While the county that The Grace Year takes place in is a dystopian type setting, it is certainly brought to life in a way that makes it feel real If you ve read the synopsis to this book, then you know the basic gist of the story, and the early readers stating that this has The Handmaid s Tale meets Lord of the Flies vibes are spot on The entire story is written to the extreme, and yet every moment, down to the most minute detail, is an allegory for experiences that most dare I say all females have encountered at some point and time by their sixteenth birthday The writing is atmospheric, breathtakingly beautiful, and evokes the most basic and raw emotion from the reader Perhaps I had too many preconceived notions going in, but I was also surprised by quite a few of the little twists and turns that Liggett throws at us, and I utterly adore that she did not cut any corners or take any easy outs with this story There are some really hard, horrifying, things that happen in this book, and even to the very last page, no one is guaranteed a happily ever after, and yet I ve never felt hopeful, secure, and proud to be a woman as I was when I turned the final page of The Grace Year I know I haven t given much in terms of plot detail, but I truly believe each and every reader should go into this one with an open mind, and open heart, and a need for compulsive page turning, because that s exactly what this book will provide I cannot recommend this story highly enough and there aren t enough stars on the entirety of Goodreads to express how emphatically I want you to add this book to your TBR In some ways, I think females will appreciate this book the most, solely for the feminist thematic elements and encouragement, but I also believe that many men would enjoy and benefit from reading this book as well Beyond the priceless message it provides, The Grace Year is a highly entertaining read that I wish had been around when I was a teenager The ending provides the type of female camaraderie that I wished for my predecessors, hope to see for myself and my generation, and feel arising in both of my daughters generation Well done, and I cannot wait for this story to be out in the world so that everyone else can read it and discussThe things we do to girls Whether we put them on pedestals only to tear them down, or use them for parts and holes, we re all complicit in this But everything touches everything else and I have to believe that some good will come out of all this destruction The men will never end the grace year But maybe we can Uncorrected Bound Manuscript provided via the publisher. Look around, Kiersten says as she stares me dead in the eyes We are the only Gods here4 1 2 stars Wow This book was hard to put down And the ending made me really emotional.The Grace Year is such an exciting mix of horror, survival and the best of YA dystopias from 5 10 years back It really is like a darker, feminist version of The Hunger Games I had a really busy week, but I looked for every opportunity possible to sit down with this book and get sucked back into this ugly patriarchal world Nothing gets my blood pumping and the pages turning like a heavy dose of infuriating unfairness.This is one of those rare novels where I think the fictional world actually benefits from some vague world building There is something very sinister and claustrophobic about the tiny oppressive world of Garner County, a feeling of wrongness about it, a feeling that you never know quite what is lurking beyond its edges.In the county, girls are banished to the wilds during their sixteenth year their Grace Year in order to purge themselves of their dangerous magic This magic is said to be an ability to seduce men, lure them to sin and all manner of unsavory things Once out in the wild, the girls need to survive the elements, evade the poachers who are looking to harvest their body parts, and just not kill each other All are easier said than done, of course, and especially the latterThey can call it magic.I can call it madness.But one thing is certain.There is no grace hereYou can compare this to many other works The Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies being the most obvious but it has a unique flavour that s all it s own It s dark and gory It s very much a tale of survival against the odds But what is so odd about The Grace Year is that it s about women going wild, being jealous, viciously hurting each other, and yet it somehow manages to be a celebration of women and the ties between them Mothers and daughters Sisters Friends It s quite incredible how Liggett takes these women to their very worst so that we can eventually appreciate them at their best.I loved the whole eating cannibalism metaphor, too How patriarchy works because it forces women into a position where they are enemies, and they have to devour one another to get ahead Powerful, horrible, and all too true.The only downside is how the characters all seem to default to white The only girls whose physical appearances are described are pale and prone to blushing It s a shame in a book which is otherwise so pro woman and could easily have been remedied by describing characters with different skin colours.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Four somebody hold the door please, because I m volunteer to get this bloody, scary, mind twisting and shouting, terrifying, not nail biter but whole arm biter, making you addict to the anxiety pills but you re going to need to taste your boundaries stars THE INGREDIENTS TO CREATE THIS GRUESOME, SMART, WTH I M READING, TAKE THIS AWAY, BUT ONCE YOU START YOU CANNOT DROP OUT BOOK Two cups of Handmaid s Tale One table spoon of Hunger Games Two pinches of Beach and Annihilation And one cup of Lord of the flies INSTRUCTIONS FOR CREATING THIS HEART THROBBING BOOKMixed them with anger, frustration, witchy spells, pure magic, violence And finally add some survival and combat skills, harshness, vulgarism, mercilessness and as soon as it gets cold, please serve it with feminism, equality, women friendship, liberation For the French version it will be served with fraternite, egalite, liberte It can be better pair with thriller, apocalyptic , dark, violent, nightmarish book fans Don t let pink cover fool you If you expect a soft chic lit about women s journey, please drop it before it gets glued to your hands If you re not ready for this book, as soon as you re gonna want to finish it and you re gonna start dreaming but I can assure you are not going to see a little girl in your dreams as like as our heroine did.My minority report for the characters Tierney James Mashup of Katniss Everdeen , German TV series Dark s parallel universe Martha the girl we saw at the last scene , Michonne from The Walking Dead Tough, survivor, problem solver, smart, pure feminist, idealist, skillful fighter.Ryker Avenger s Clint Barton Jeremy Renner s archer character meets Caprio s Revenant character, Hugh Glass at least Ryker doesn t raw liver Protector, loyal, real good fighter, healer He s mysterious, wounded, man of his word but he s also romantic guy who is ready to sacrifice himself for his love of his life, Tierney.Michael Noble, decent guy is about to start his prestigious job, reminds us of Mr Darcy Maybe it s not fair to talk about him at the third place Because we don t much see him on the book we see him at the beginning and the ending but he makes life changing moves and changes Tierney s life completely so I have to mention him WRITING Smart, fast paced, surprising, gripping.CHARACTERS All those girls could give you nightmares They re acting like incarnated Betty Davis and Joan Crawford They re pure evil, batshit crazy, violent and ruthless Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over Cuckoo s Nest could be considered as a Disney princess if I have to compare those girls with her ENDING A good one, at least there is no total massacre or elimination It was bloodless, bullet less , wound less Gives us hope and soothes our anxiety WHY I CUT THE ONE STAR It was chaotic, fast pacing thriller but as soon as I reach at the middle of the book, romance parts didn t suit so well but the horrifying and severe parts of the book And I m so pissed off that one of the worst villanelles didn t get what she deserved The love triangle was not necessary for me It doesn t count as triangle because two men never meet or cross with each other This book might have stayed as manifesto of women s uprising to decide their own destinies But still it is a good try, well crafted, capturing story and I enjoyed it Special thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for sending me ARC COPY exchange of my honest review

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