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Resist (Wicked Ways Book 1) Well what can I say, this book kinda had me hook line and sinker I enjoy all of Kristy s books but Resist is a change to her writing style from the last few books she has released For me it is on par with The Player Duet and the Driven Series in that the content felt mature, raw and gritty a little down and dirty.Ryker is the Hero, a talented, hard ass, successful divorce attorney who only represents the men of the relationships He has made a name for himself and works hard for his success, an Alpha male who knows what he wants and takes it He requests the company of an escort service to be on hand for events as and when needed, which is run by the heroine Events occur prior to his first meeting with his chosen escort that leave our heroine Vaughn taking her employee s place and meets Ryker as Saxony During their first encounter all does not quite go to plan and so starts a game of cat and mouse so to speak, but this mouse has a sharp bite and she can fight back Vaughn is the Madam of an escort service and a waitress at a high end club for the wealthy, working hard to pay her debts for someone near and dear to her heart I loved Vaughn because she is a heroine with a huge heart and the lady balls to back it up A woman who has spirit and fight, a woman who doesn t let the Alpha men drown her in the pool of I hate f..ing cliffhangers I love when an author brings power into the story Power is a delicate balance between people Some think they have it and want to force it on you Some people really do have it and know how to use it.I kind of have mixed feelings about this book On one hand, I loved the amazing craftsmanship the author developed putting the story together On the other hand, the title kept popping back into my head over and over as she kept fighting him and resisting the fact they actually had something positive going It became frustrating in certain points.The story is unique and I really appreciate when a female lead is strong and resourceful He could be a jerk but on the other hand found something intriguing and very sexy in her Together, you know they could do wonderful things.But again the title pops into my head Resist is her mantra and we spend most of the book resisting h PDF Epub Resist Wicked Ways Book 1 K Bromberg Pembspm.co.uk From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Driven Series Comes A Powerful Romance About Reaching Great Heights Through Low Depths Who Says You Have To Play By The Rules To Get What You Want Agreeing To Meet Ryker Lockhart Is My First Mistake Rich, Handsome, And Than Intriguing, He Thinks Blackmail Will Bend Me To His Will.But He S Wrong.I May Have Done A Few Things That Weren T Exactly Legal, But I Have My Own Reasons For That The Last Thing I M Going To Do Is Let Some High Powered Divorce Attorney Come Into My Life, Have My Body, And Rule My Heart Not To Mention Ruin Everything That I Have Carefully Built In Just A Short Amount Of Time.But As Much As I Try To Resist Him, And Against My Better Judgment, There Is Something About Him That Has Me Agreeing To His Proposal.I M Putting Everything On The Line For Him I Just Hope I Won T Lose Everything When This Is All Over. Loved it Another fantastic read from one of my favorite authors Full review closer to release. Good luck trying to Resist the relationship blossoming between Ryker and Vaughn From the first pages, I was sucked into their world one that s not mainstream One that pits two strong minded, dominant personalities against each other And get ready for the fireworks that fire off when Ryker and Vaughn get together Their romance and relationship is rife with challenges, intrigue, and innuendos And dead sexy too I loved their banter, their snark, their inability to stay away from each other Their fierce protective natures And their passion Resist does end on a cliffhanger But I m hanging on with both hands because I cannot wait to see what happens next in Reveal Missy, 4.5 stars I have been a huge fan of K Bromberg since Driven and love that whatever genre she writes in, her passion and dedication to her characters is always evident We see what s in their hearts and feel the emotional connection between her characters Vaughn and Ryker was one of these couples I enjoyed their banter and physical chemistry and the twists and turns of the story I enjoyed Resist and the spirited relationship between Vaughn and Ryker Vaughn had sass and was so determined to stay strong a Powerplay I really need to pay closer attention to the arcs I m requesting Sometimes I see a great author and ask for the book by default In this case, I m a bit sorry I did it, just because the story isn t that appealing to me The heroine is this Madam, owner of an escort service company by day, waitress by night and also fighting for her niece s custody The hero is a ruthless divorce attorney by day and client of Wicked Ways the escort company by night.Due to an unfortunate event between one of the working girls and a Senator, the Madam is forced by a contract to entertain our hero That s how it all starts.Now here s the thing The relationship between them is one big power powerplay They re blackmailing each other, keep things from each other, he pays for her company and so on I didn t find one thing to like about all this None I didn t totally dislike t Wow Just Wow This was a book that I simply could not put down Every layer revealed and depth of character Didn t realize it was book one so beware of the cliffhanger Definitely will be watching for book 2 So well written and characters Even though it s hard for him, Ryker knows when to back down on some things, Jesus Christ, Ryker mutters under his breath At least choose a wine that s worth a Sometimes a kid just makes the hook and Lucy did it for me, how com 4 STARSWell this was a sexy,intense and emotional read, I enjoyed most of it The beginning was intresting and I was intrigued Vaughn and Ryker have a unique connection.I liked the relationship between these t I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I was so excited to read and review the first installment of the Wicked Ways series and did it ever deliver I loved the characters, Ryker and Vaughn, two people who are independent and strong willed find their way towards each other in an unconventional way Both are fighting the chemistry that is undeniable, and the tension is off the charts Vaughn has a goal with a purpose and time is not on her side She runs a successful business and she is laser focus on elevating her operations Ryker becomes a client and she finds herself uncomfortable with his assertiveness and intensity Vaughn sees Ryker as a distraction and tries to dissuade him from pursuing her, but he is finding her to be a challenge that he wants to chase.He is discovering in his pursuit that Vaughn has secrets which draw him further into her orbit There are also forces around th

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