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Indistractable Learn how to hack back against your distractions or A great, practical guide to taking control of your distractions.I was an early reader of this book as a part of the editing process that Nir uses I found that the book was really great Section 3 was easily the most practical part of the book for me, but also the part where I felt I already knew a lot of the information I really liked the background information and the scientific backing that Nir uses for all of his arguments Surprisingly, even though I don t have kids, the last few sections about family were the most breath taking for me, as they made me reflect a lot on my own upbringing and where I am today based on that.The book reminded me a little bit of James Clear s Atomic Habits in the first parts, which I had recently read before this It is absolutely a great review in itself, but then the book added to that with a lot useful information Reading them both is an absolute recommendation, but if you have to choose one I would choose this as it contains information and is backed by sources. Have you ever gone out with friends or family and there is that one guy who is constantly checking out of the conversation and checking into his phone Super annoying, right Well, I m that guy I didn t realize what it was called until I read Nir Eyal s book but I am a phubber phone snubber As a real estate broker, coach, and father of 6 boys, I am always being distracted by something I would get anxious every time the phone chirped or beeped or pinged Was it a client emergency, do my kids need me and most of the time it was nothing but a distraction.Wow Practical advice galore in this one I am already putting it to use and I am beginning to find peace Spending time following our life values in traction and being aware of the triggers that pull us away from what s important can lead to a productive and peaceful life Nir uses case studies that will challenge the way you have always thought of things and open your mind to other options.I especially enjoyed the section he put in the book on how to help our children become less distracted As a father concerned with screen time and non productive behaviors, there were some absolute gems here Not surprisingly, I discovered where the problem lies It s not the screen, it s the parenting and there are some brilliant ideas on how to achieve a better outcome Now to put this all into practice Don t miss this one. Indistractable Provides A Framework That Will Deliver The Focus You Need To Get Results James Clear, Author Of Atomic Habits You Sit Down At Your Desk To Work On An Important Project, But A Notification On Your Phone Interrupts Your Morning Later, As You Re About To Get Back To Work, A Colleague Taps You On The Shoulder To Chat At Home, Screens Get In The Way Of Quality Time With Your Family Another Day Goes By, And Once Again, Your Most Important Personal And Professional Goals Are Put On Hold What Would Be Possible If You Followed Through On Your Best Intentions What Could You Accomplish If You Could Stay Focused And Overcome Distractions What If You Had The Power To Become Indistractable International Best Selling Author, Former Stanford Lecturer, And Behavioral Design Expert, Nir Eyal, Wrote Silicon Valley S Handbook For Making Technology Habit Forming Five Years After Publishing Hooked, Eyal Reveals Distraction S Achilles Heel In His Groundbreaking New Book In Indistractable, Eyal Reveals The Hidden Psychology Driving Us To Distraction He Describes Why Solving The Problem Is Not As Simple As Swearing Off Our Devices Abstinence Is Impractical And Often Makes Us Want Eyal Lays Bare The Secret Of Finally Doing What You Say You Will Do With A Four Step, Research Backed Model Indistractable Reveals The Key To Getting The Best Out Of Technology, Without Letting It Get The Best Of Us Inside, Eyal Overturns Conventional Wisdom And Reveals Why Distraction At Work Is A Symptom Of A Dysfunctional Company Culture And How To Fix It What Really Drives Human Behavior And Why Time Management Is Pain Management Why Your Relationships And Your Sex Life Depend On You Becoming Indistractable How To Raise Indistractable Children In An Increasingly Distracting World Empowering And Optimistic, Indistractable Provides Practical, Novel Techniques To Control Your Time And Attention Helping You Live The Life You Really Want There are some helpful hints and reminders in here that I will be adopting I read a lot of books like this but it s amazing how distractions creep back in and you have to remind yourself to take control of your own time. Indistractable is a practical, judgement free guide to health and happiness for the 21st century Nir lays out a compelling way to reframe experiences and drive you to a meaningful, happier relationship with your work, life, and family The book is laid out in a pragmatic way, with hack back tactics to help you improve There s a wealth of extremely helpful advice I strongly recommend this book. This book is full of interesting studies and facts to help you understand why you are being distracted and gives you simple solutions to help improve how you spend the time you have.I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with high screen time or work life balance It is really relatable and non judgemental, the author himself admits to falling victim of so many of the struggles that we face today such as checking social media when spending time with his child A lot of the findings really resonated with me especially the part about lying awake at night stressing about not being able to get back to sleep I have put Nir words in to effect and now those hours at 2am are not full of stress and I fall back to sleep much quicker Thanks to Net Galley for the free copy in exchange for an honest review. I liked Nir s other book, Hooked It is one of my favorite and best product business books ever and also useful for non product people After Hooked taught the whole industry how to build addictive products, Nir is now basically selling the cure The first half of Indistractable is ok, and there is some good general idea on why you are so easily addicted to your smartphone, Facebook, etc However, I think I was intuitively trying and applying most of them just because of the knowledge I got from Hooked The second half goes into all sort of anecdotes, some very cheesy And the last section deals a lot with kids technology addiction I m quite surprised that after popularizing the Hooked model and even mentioning it at the beginning of this book the author offers such impractical advice The strategies feel so frail and require effort and have substantial friction The anecdotes are borderlines dystopian or from a black mirror episode Not to mention some sound like a one off successI think you can intuitively guess most of the advice in this book, or just by googling how to stop tech addiction I sincerely recommend reading his other book, though.Interesting note The author also references an article by Paul Graham which I found very interesting SpoilersInteresting read, lots of tips to avoid distraction although nothing new but I guess I m not the average reader, working in ICT.I wonder though why people think blocking your agenda to make time for your life goals or most important things to do makes any sense Apparently, they don t work 8 hours a day for a boss with at least 30 minutes lunch required , or have no real commute time, or don t have dogs.When I ve done my daily stuff 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, walking the dogs, getting ready for work, lunch, cooking, eating, doing the dishes, getting ready to sleep I have 45 minutes left And I didn t do any chores and didn t have any me time although walking the dogs is fun or didn t stop for a chat with a neighbour And I want to visit my mother as often as possible weekends that is usually It just doesn t work that way Ok, I can listen to audiobooks in the car, I often do But I do want to know what news there is, so to keep a little up to date I also want to listen to the radio sometimes.As I said, an interesting read, but as the IMO most important part of being indistractable doesn t make sense in my life, I guess this book just is not for me. I am reviewing this book because I received a preliminary copy and think it is a vitally important topic.How many stars would I give Indistractable 1 5 5 out of 5 stars How would I summarize the book in one sentence Live a fulfilling life by becoming aware and controling both the internal and external triggers that constantly bombard me.What were the most memorable or helpful parts of the book Changing some of my beliefs such the reframing of my thinking about will power Refuting Ego depletion Although I was aware of some of the studies it really didn t sink in before Very important and wide ranging applications This has important implications, for example, in the basic beliefs of the AA program Also the overwhelming data about the improving focus of nurses when they were being constantly distracted and even when initially they resisted methods used to lower their distractibility.The distraction traction matrix is a very useful way of thinking Similar but different way to model like the urgent important matrix Footnotes were excellent although ironically it made me want to click on them Maybe best if I read them separately.All motivation is a desire to escape discomfort is IMHO an extremely important concept 5 Stars.Although I once reported to the CEO of a major S P 500 company, I am retired and almost 3 times the age of the author I am less interested in the company related and parent and children related topics and interested in how these ideas can personably help me learn However, I am sure there is a broad audience for the book.I thought that giving the why and underlying structure of distraction was perhaps the most important contribution The individual tricks were less important to me than understanding why and how distractions occur and how I can minimize them.The remember this sections get an A I spend far too much time on Apple News mostly saving stories to gmail folders or bookmarks in Chrome but I have a wide range of interests and they cover over 200 publications I do not plan to stop using Apple News but am defiantly being selective and delaying my reading to a later time Also cleaning out my apps is a very good idea And I very much relate to a googleplex of Tabs and did not realize that Pocket has a text to speech feature.Getting rid of Notations has been really helpful Before I just took them for granted.The Hooked book was about how we are being Hooked by social media and large corporations This book is about being conscious and aware of what we can do to take back control of our lives Although Hooked is a very highly rated book the new book is my favorite of the two. I read Indistractible last weekend in 1 sitting it was really incredible Very thought provoking, packed with lots of action items Really enjoyed it and have already recommended it to multiple people

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