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Hon som måste dö Let me begin by stating that I was in favor of the continuation of Millenium series by an author other than the late Stieg Larsson and I ve enjoyed the first two books The Girl in the Spider s Web , The Girl Who Took An Eye for An Eye but this one failed to meet my, admittedly high, expectations It is an overall mediocre attempt in bringing beloved fictional characters such as Lisbeth Salander or Mikael Blomkvist back to life, in a story which lacks a clear direction and a plot that seems to be flat and without the necessary esciting twists and turns that usually make a crime novel a success.Lisbeth has a secondary role here, and even though her conflict with her sister Camilla is built from the early pages, she is mainly busy with hacking in order to help Mikael to uncover the truth about a suspicious suicide of a foreign man who was once a guide at Mountain Everest The main plotline seems compelling enough in the first part of the novel but it quickly reveals its weak structure and lack of inspiration When the reader learns the truth about the beggar s suicide in the third and final part of the book, he is not sure if he really cares any longer The subplot concerning the feud between Lisbeth and Camilla is equally dull and the final showdown is so implausible that almost makes you laugh.David Lagercrantz s prose has a nice flow, but seems to be rather naive in some parts while the characterization in The Girl Who Lived Twice is not as strong as it was in the previous two novels Both the two protagonists, Mikael and Lisbeth, seem to be constantly out of depth, while the secondary characters and villains, who were one of the most interesting aspects even in S Larsson s original Millenium trilogy, are outlined in an awkward manner Lagercrantz tries to connect the book s plotline with those of the previous two but even that is unsuccessful as the result seems or less forced.There was a major conflict between the Larsson s family members, Stieg s father and brother, and Eva Gabrielsson, Stieg s partner for than thirty years, regarding the rights in the Millenium legacy Gabrielsson claims to be the only person suitable to continue the series, as she was involved in some parts in the original trilogy though not in the writing process itself mainly having to do with some of the characters and locations used in the novels Thus, she was not supportive to D Lagercrantz s writing endeavor, but the Larsson family, who finally inherited the rights, aggreed and gave him the green light to extend the series The reading audience was divided in two groups, with some absolutely loving the new novels and others hating it Personally, I was positive from the beginning as I m in favor of bold writing experiments like this one Unfortunately, The Girl Who Lived Twice , which is the last book in the series written by Lagercrantz, left me with a bitter taste and as I finished reading, I couldn t help but feeling kind of nostalgic remembering the original trilogy s brilliance. A Rapariga Que Viveu Duas Vezes SEXTO E LTIMO VOLUME DA S RIE MILLENNIUM Iniciada Por Stieg Larsson Uma Narrativa Atual, Que Combina Esc Ndalos Pol Ticos E Jogos De Poder Com Novas Tecnologias, Gen Tica, Expedi Es Dram Ticas Ao Cume Do Evereste, E F Bricas De Trolls Que Criam E Difundem Not Cias Falsas, Respons Veis Por Influenciar Resultados De Elei Es Ou Denegrir A Imagem De Proeminentes Figuras P BlicasUm Final Pico, Em Que N O Faltam O Humor E Situa Es Levadas Ao Extremo Por Lisbeth Salander Que, Como Sempre, Na Defesa Dos Seus Princ Pios, N O Olha A Meios Nem Recorre A M Todos Convencionais Well, I ll give it a go. Ja, nee, sorry Volgens mij is het nu toch echt tijd om te stoppen met het verder uitmelken van deze serie. First of all, I must say right up front that I am a big fan of Stieg Larsson s Millennium trilogy and consider it some of the best mystery suspense genre that I have ever read I loved reading those books and was deeply saddened by his unexpected passing and ensuing estate battles between his father brother and his longtime girlfriend I personally think she got robbed and mistreated in ways that I cannot express without getting downright angry Mostly, I miss Stieg not getting to continue writing his wonderful series and further developing his unique characters Putting that aside, I had very mixed feelings when it was announced that the father brother were hiring another writer to continue the series In my mind no one could come anywhere near capturing the magic that Stieg produced In 2015, a new author, David Lagercrantz, wrote The Girl in the Spider s Web and I read it In 2017, he followed it up with The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye and I read it Now in 2019, his third Millennium novel The Girl Who Lived twice has been published and I just finished reading it on vacation.Lagercrantz treated his three books numbers four through six in the series as a second trilogy in the millennium series, using the final one to wrap up his storylines of exploring Lisbeth s family history and her personal feud with her evil twin, Camilla The Girl Who Lives Twice starts off with the disappearance of our fearless hero and protector of the mistreated, Lisbeth Salander The girl with the Dragon tattoo has sold her Stockholm apartment and gone quiet on all social media and electronic platforms No one knows where she, how to contact her, or what she is up to The truth she is has decided to move from the hunted to the hunter in her ongoing cat and mouse fight with her sister, and is planning to strike first Salander s absence is a big problem for Mikael Blomkvist, news writer, and probably the only friend she has ever had Blomkvist needs to her help to figure out the identity of a homeless man who lived and died on the public streets of Stockholm Blomkvist has a mystery thrust on him to resolve The homeless man does not exist in any of the official government records and his last words before dying involved damning knowledge of leaders in the highest levels of government and in the business world A crumpled piece of note paper with Blomkvist s personal phone number was found written on it and Mikael has no idea why As expected, Lagercrantz weaves the two plots Blomkvist s investigation and Lisbeth s deadly hunt in a parallel manner, using each to help the other until the two are forced to come together to achieve their separate outcomes Unfortunately, Camilla, along with her GRU and criminal connections realizes that the way to get Lisbeth to come to her, is through her friends, and Blomkvist is the perfect target for apprehension and torture, forcing Lisbeth to willingly surrender herself and her life for his Lagercrantz has now written three Millennium series books I found the first one to really take a long time to get moving and the new author to find his rhythm and understanding of the characters I felt that the second book was much better and pleasantly surprised me The story kicked off right away with easier to follow plotlines and it seemed like Lagercrantz figured out how to mirror the Stieg plotting pace and style better than I expected I believe he brings that same momentum into the third and final book of his trilogy For the most part, he successfully bounces back and forth between various scenes and activities, building to moments of key revelation and conflict, and pushing things towards final outcomes and payoffs He hits a good stride and his words flow well, moving from one scene to another with confidence His characters and conversations are natural and organic as the story unfolds There were moments when he laid down some excellent clues and transitioned well between scenes and characters I read through several national reviews and noted many major publications considered this book to be less than stellar and rather messy in its delivery I think my review is favorable for a different but very important reason I think that that the cause of the negative views is not due to Lagercrantz as a writer, but rather to limitations he has to work within to write in the Millennium universe and it s already established characters Let s face it, even ignoring the public fighting between Larsson s girlfriend and family, Lagercrantz is really limited to what he can do when playing in the Blomkvist and Salander world He cannot kill them and he cannot change them or their histories He has to find how to develop the unorthodox and multi faceted relationship between Mikael and Lisbeth are they friends or It must be extremely hard to expand on what Stieg s already created and established I actually think that the creation of Lisbeth s sister, Camilla, and expanding their family history and criminal network was a pretty creative approach to take I am not sure what a writer could do to deliver something new that adds to what s already been told In my mind, after a rough start, Lagercrantz was able to get his footing and find a way to build on Stieg s foundation, deliver a three book arc that provided them as much conflict, tension, and development as he could muster, and provide a strong enough ending for everyone involved Overall, I was really surprised by Lagercrantz s marked improvement from his first book through to third Let s be honest, taking on Stieg s Millennium series has a bar so high that it is virtually impossible for anyone to come close to his unique ability to tell an intricate and layered story that draws heavily on our emotions That is no insult It is the truth Still, I believe that Lagercrantz was able to successfully capture a bit of the Stieg magic and make it work After reading in multiple interviews that Lagercrantz is done with writing Millennium books, I would even go one step further and make a recommendation Rather than find another author to take up the mantle of writing of further stories, I suggest that the Larsson family allow Blomkvist and Lisbeth to rest in peace I cannot really think there s much left to discover in these characters that hasn t already been shared Don t continue publishing stories that start repeating themselves and lessen or demean the quality of Stieg Larsson s legacy Please don t do that. Like all the books in this series it reads well It was interesting, but atvtimes felt far fetched The last member of Lusbeth s family was now in the center of the attention and I think the idea was to close the circle that some day started with fire Lagercrantz did a good job in weaving a tale, making it interesting to read But while listening to the ending in the barn, I cringed Very shortly told, like he ran out of pages A bit of an anti climax Did this have to end rhis way Was another ending also possible Not sure if I ll be reading another installment of this series, if there ll be one I think for me it s been enough. Betyg i deckarskalan 5 5Betyg i Milleniumskalan 2 5Ja ni vet ju hur tacksam jag e f r dessa Gillar p ett s tt Lagercrantz b ckerna mer lika mkt om man f r s ga s Sk nt och samtidigt tr kigt att de r s mkt mer l ttsamma och g r fort att gl mma Inte heller s detaljrika som de tre f rsta Mer godisk nsla Gillar att t nka att DL verkligen anstr nger sig f r att g ra alla n jda n r han skriver dem ven sk nt att det r s mkt f rre och kortare slagsm lsscener n i de gamla Minns ni hur tr kigt d va En del tortyr i denna men det var en v lbeh vlig krydda. Bittersweet I miss Lisbeth, the strong woman The story kept me interested, although there are some parts that were slightly boring It was for sure a difficult task to be in charge of such loved characters after Stieg s death, and I admire Mr Lagercrantz for that Nonetheless, this book felt incomplete Somehow Lisbeth s character lost than she d already lost in the previous books. I m a big fan of this series but felt a little let down with this one.The author has weaved his web once to create this big story interwoven and connected with a seemingly smaller one that will hold your attention throughout.I am finding, however, that he is spending time developing other characters within the tale than building on the Girl we love Yes, Lisbeth is still kick ass but there no longer seems to be this sense of the girl It seems a little robotic, like he wants to focus on Mikael and his story If we can go back to focusing on Lisbeth s story I think I would enjoy it a little. Nice sequel Comparing to the other books of David Lagercrantz I liked 4 and 5 better The ending is a little sudden for my taste.

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David Lagercrantz, born in 1962, is a journalist and author, living in Stockholm His first book was published in 1997, a biography of the Swedish adventurer and mountaineer G ran Kropp In 2000 his biography on the inventor H kan Lans, A Swedish Genious, was published His breakthrough as a novelist was Fall of Man in Wilmslow, a fictionalised novel about the British mathematician Alan Turing In

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