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Lost And Found By The Beginning Of , Mike Lipkin Had Become One Of The Leading Admen In Both South Africa And Canada Then, In June , He Was Plunged Into The Nightmare World Of Acute Depression For Almost Three Years He Would Struggle With The Disease Until He Was Brought To The Brink Of Suicide Then, Through The Application Of Electro Convulsive Therapy And The Clarification Of His Values, He Regained His Sanity, His Faith And His Love Of Life Lost And Found Is Mike Lipkin S Rivetting And Painfully Vivid Description Of His Descent Into Depression And Journey Into Madness It Is Also The Story Of His Miraculous Recovery And The Lessons His Experience Gave Him On How To Live A Purposeful And Fulfilled Life Most Of All, Lost And Found Is An Uplifting And Inspiring Account Of The Power Of The Human Spirit And The Nature Of Miracles

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