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The Iron Dream The Iron Dream Is A Metafictional 1972 Alternate History Novel By Norman Spinrad The Book Has A Nested Narrative That Tells A Story Within A Story On The Surface, The Novel Presents An Unexceptional Science Fiction Action Tale Entitled Lord Of The Swastika This Is A Pro Fascist Narrative Written By An Alternate History Version Of Adolf Hitler, Who In This Timeline Emigrated From Germany To America And Used His Modest Artistic Skills To Become First A Pulp SF Illustrator And Later A Science Fiction Writer In The L Ron Hubbard Mold Telling Lurid, Purple Prosed Adventure Stories Under A Thin SF Veneer Spinrad Seems Intent On Demonstrating Just How Close Joseph Campbell S Hero With A Thousand Faces And Much Science Fiction And Fantasy Literature An Be To The Racist Fantasies Of Nazi Germany The Nested Narrative Is Followed By A Faux Scholarly Analysis By A Fictional Literary Critic, Homer Whipple, Of New York University.

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    You know those great ideas you have late at night when you re chatting with your friends after a few glasses of wine Well, if I had been involved in writing this book, here s how I think it might have got startedTable is covered with the r

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    FULL AND FINAL REVIEW Lord of the Swastika Like a thick layer of stinking hot asphalt poured out on a driveway, a thick layer of racism and jingoism coats every single page of this appalling novel spun from the cramped, warped mind of an upstart wri

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    What happens when satire is misunderstood The point of satire is that it should be accessible on two levels simultaneously The surface text tells one story, the subtext tells another or to put itaccurately, the subtext tells the exact opposite story of the su

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    Update I actually did end up finding a copy in a used bookstore for 1.49 or something and it had the cover I wanted and everything and it was awesome.I m freaking dying for a copy of this stupid book I ve wanted it for like a year now All the copies onare way too much

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    Don t be fooled THE IRON DREAM is not the real deal Norman Spinrad s novel contains only a cheap copy of Adolph Hitler s masterpiece LORD OF THE SWASTIKA Hitler s work is heavily abridged here and, I must say, rather tamed too Some of the best bits are missing The situation in t

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    Nachdem ich mich mit eisernem Willen durch dieses Buch gek mpft habe, bleibt mir als Fazit nur zu sagen Adolf Hitler war ein hundsmiserabler Science Fiction Autor Das Nachwort von Homer Whipple fasst meine Einw nde gegen die...

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    This is a spoiler ific review So the premise is Hitler has a falling out with the Nazis in their infancy and emigrates to America where he paints pulp fiction covers and becomes a semi respected writer himself, spawning a Nazi inspired fashion trend with his penultimate novel, Lord of The Swastika

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    The Iron Dream is one of the true classics of science fiction It is a core work in what I can only describe as a microgenre of sorts that appeared during the late 60 s and early 70 s Science Fiction as seriously black humor and revolutionary social commentary The principle writers that I can recall offhand I

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