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Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres Practical Vampyrism For Modern Vampyres Is The First Handbook For The Modern Vampyre Communities Filled With Practical Advice For Those Learning To Cope With The Early Stages Of Vampyrism, Through To Second Awakening, It Is Written With Humour And Compassion, In Hopes Of Providing A Light At The End Of A Dark Tunnel For Those Of Walking The Dark Path, Often Alone Practical Vampyrism Is The Culmination Of Over Years Of Articles Written For The Online Communities, In Hope That A Time Will Come When NO ONE Has To Go Through The Stages Of Vampyrism Alone

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    Lady CG s Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres is a fantastic resource for Sanguines She shows you how to weave a little homespun Vampyrism, with no resources like internet around It s a compilation of discussions from her Smoke Mirrors messageboard, and

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    Interesting and informative information for those who would benefit from it It needs a good edit as there are quite a few typos I think the articles should be re written they seem disjointed as they were pretty much left as they originally were written They don t flow

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